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steroid effect

  1. Maxmonzter

    happy Birthday braaq

    congrats on ur bday man, have a good one
  2. Ironslave

    Happy Birthday Braaq!

    Here's hoping Duality doesn't complain that your birthday should have been on a Tuesday this year :linedrunk:
  3. P

    Respected Member #3 & 4 Braaq and Daniel Andersson

    Thought this would interesting.... or very dangerous depending on the outcome. :wutyousay: The 2 top members with the most votes will have their accounts upgraded to the "Respected" usergroup. A usergroup that has not been touched in years. Vote very very wisely! There will be a second part to...
  4. Braaq

    Braaq's Havoc cycle log

    Hey guys, I have been on Havoc now for a little over two weeks now compliments of TSNnutrition.com. I am wanting to answer any questions you all may have regarding the pro-hormone and also keep you updated with my gains. When I started I was weighing about 232lbs with about 9.5% bodyfat, two...
  5. P

    [APRIL 08|MOTM] Braaq

    There has been alot of really good posters for the month of April, so, it made it really hard to pick someone. I'm going to allow you guys to vote for who you think deserves MOTM for the month of April. Please take into consideration of that members posts/threads for that month. Good luck to...
  6. Braaq

    Braaq's Training Log

    Ok, well I finally started a log. I changed up my training and after seven years of bodybuilding, two years of personal training, and finishing my bachelors in Physiology.... I learned recently I definitely do NOT know all. So I am looking forward to learning from many of you and your input. I...