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steroid testing

  1. KaiGold

    Christie turns down lawmakers’ student steroid testing bill

    By - Associated Press - Thursday, May 11, 2017 TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has vetoed a measure that would expand steroid testing and education in high school because of how it’s funded and managed. Christie issued his conditional veto of the measure on Thursday. He...
  2. muscleboy88

    muscleboy schedule

    ok guys i want to here what you think of my schedule: monday-heavy chest,light shoulders, and light bicep. tuesday-legs,abs. wednesday-bicep,tricep,forearms. thursday-heavy shoulder,light chest,abs. friday-back,light tricep. any advice if my mixup is good. i think it gives each...
  3. P

    Event Schedule

  4. P

    Mr.Olympia 08 Event Schedule

    THURSDAY - September 25 1 PM Olympia Press Conference (Mr. Olympia Only) Orleans Hotel - Showroom (click for map) Open to The Public 7 PM Meet the Olympians Orleans Hotel - Mardi Gras Ballroom (click for map) VIP Ticket Holders & Platinum Members Only 8 PM Meet the Olympians Orleans Hotel -...
  5. philosopher

    2008 Competition schedule

    :tiphat: 16-02 IRONMAN PRO $ 30.000 01-03 Arnold Calssic $ 265.000 08-03 Australian Pro GP $ 20.000 15-03 New Zeeland Pro GP $ 20.000 10-05 New York Pro $ 60.000 21-06 Keystone Pro GP $ 40.000 09-08 Tampa Men's Pro GP $ 27.000 16-08 Europa Super Show $ 36.000 13-09 Atlantic City Pro GP $...