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steroid usa

  1. yourmuscleshop


    You should take 2 Anadrol capsules every day (with water) 20 minutes prior to breakfast when on a bulking cycle (2 months on and 1.5 weeks off). Disclaimer: Above-stating content is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Before starting any type of program or treatment, it...
  2. yourmuscleshop

    Optimal Rest Time For Muscle & Strength?

    Optimal Rest Time For Muscle & Strength? Join our Telegram Group for exclusive deals & Promotional Offers : TelegramYourMuscleShop www.YourMuscleShop.com “A Premium Quality Brand”
  3. yourmuscleshop

    Grandson of one of the first female pro wrestling promoters

    Grandson of one of the first female pro wrestling promoters, The WWF Champion and rise to superstardom (1998–2000) & Record-breaking world champion of WWE (2000–2002) - Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) @therock
  4. Natzo

    Roelly signs with BSN !!!

    01-13-2011 BSN? is pleased to announce the latest addition to its elite roster of athletes, IFBB pro and 2010 New York Pro Champion Roelly Winklaar! 2010 saw Roelly emerge from relative anonymity to take the IFBB by storm in his rookie season, making a splash with a strong debut at the Arnold...
  5. tkD

    Steve Kuclo signs with MD!

    I knew they would sign him, it was just a matter of time. My guess was @ Nationals a few weeks back. = Pro card.
  6. Natzo

    Wolf signs with MD

    from Blechman: I am pleased to announce that Dennis Wolf is back and has signed an exclusive publishing contract with MD. He says, ?MD is the best hard core bodybuilding magazine and website in the world and I regretted leaving. I am so glad to be back!? Dennis is also back on top as one of...
  7. tkD

    Lee Haney signs with MD

    Video interviews coming soon! his 8 Sandows
  8. COACH

    USN signs IFBB Pro Troy Alves!

    http://supplementgenius.com/consumer/2010/09/18/usn-signs-ifbb-pro-troy-alves/ South African supplement company Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN), has begun its move into the United States by adding IFBB pro Troy Alves to its list of athletes. Alves a former NUTREX RESEARCH athlete, is widely...
  9. Natzo

    Pakulski signs with weider

    PAKULSKI SIGNS WITH WEIDER Ben Pakulski is the latest IFBB Pro League athlete to sign an exclusive contract with Weider/AMI. August 31, 2010 FLEXONLINE The 2008 Canadian Championships super-heavyweight and overall winner registered a blip on the radar with a third-place finish in his pro...
  10. Natzo

    Kai signs with Weider

    Kai Green signs exclusive contract with Weider/AMI April 26, 2010 FLEXONLINE.COM Kai Greene's rise to the top of the bodybuilding ranks has been one of the biggest success stories in the history of the sport. This week, Greene added another chapter to that story by signing an exclusive...
  11. tkD

    Mike Liberatore signs with Muscletech!

    After what happened at the Phoenix Pro, he deserves it!
  12. Berry

    Stan Efferding signs with Weider

    Interesting. Stan Efferding signs with Weider.. Flexonline.com today: Citaat: Stan "Rhino" Efferding, arguably the strongest man in the IFBB (and quite possibly the planet), has signed an exclusive contract with AMI/Weider Publications on Thursday. The 43-year-old Efferding is the 2009 NPC...
  13. Turkish1530

    Shutupnsquat Signs with OPTIMUM NUTRITION

    Got a beast text yesterday: Shutupnsquat has offically signed with Optimum Nutrition! He was originally going to sign with Muscletech. After having some issues with MT and being offered a contract with Optimum Nutrition, Shutupnsquat choose Optimum. He should be doing a photoshoot with them...
  14. tkD

    Jay Cutler signs with MD!!

    https://forums.musculardevelopment.com/showthread.php?t=79265 Discuss.
  15. Light weight

    Alexei Lesukov signs with PEAK Nutrition

    He'll be at the FIBO this year!!!
  16. tkD

    Dennis Wolf signs with BSN!

    http://www.bsnonline.net/misc/news_expanded.php?id=339 http://www.bsnonline.net/teambsn/team_bio.php?id=26
  17. Ironslave

    Bret "Hitman" Hart signs with WWE

    Should have posted this 2 weeks ago, but Bret is officially going to host Raw next week, and has been signed to a short term contract from Jan 1st to April 10th. Finally someone worth watching again. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/wi/2009/1216/470130/bret-the-hitman-hart/index.shtml
  18. tkD

    Cedric McMillan signs with MD!

  19. tkD

    Dennis Wolf SIGNS with Weider!!!

    Dennis Wolf inks contract with Weider Publications November 2, 2009 FLEXONLINE.COM Dennis Wolf signed an exclusive publishing contract with Weider Publications on Monday. The 31-year-old becomes the newest addition to an elite list of athletes on the Weider Publications roster. "It means a...
  20. Anabolicus

    8 Signs Of A Weak Weightlifting Routine

    By Steve Shaw So, you’re wondering how your lifting routine stacks up? You’re jamming out sets of bicep curls, crunching your abs into oblivion, and performing pec deck flyes until your eyes are about to burst out of their sockets. You have felt the burn of lateral raises and cable crossovers...