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  1. P

    No Russian (Short Film)

    so well made. BHHBK6PGN8M
  2. jwill0214

    Phil Heath short blog

    August 18, 2009 Someone's getting a visit from The Gift! Hey guys, just wanted to chime in real quick and let everyone know that someone is gonna get paid a visit by yours truly this week for the Flextreme Makeover. I am very excited to meet and train with the winner and also discuss some new...
  3. Line

    New SNL Digital Short - Jizz in my Pants

    Once again, the only reason to watch the show...or seek out an SNL clip online. 4pXfHLUlZf4
  4. P

    Life is Short, Make the most of it..

    Life is serious business. ulgY9rxzgXg
  5. curtisymoo

    short bicep training

    to those that this topic applies to, lets share our testimonies and some tricks to hit those bi's, because we all know the brachialas comes too much into play. heres a pretty good read http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=243948 lastly, theres no lower bicep training or crap. this...
  6. templare1987

    Short Cycles , good gains, less sides

    Hello guys, i was reading an article about short Anabolic Steroids Cycles. I dont have experience with none of these compounds, so i want some advise and what you think about doing short cycles on regular guys like us, not competitive or professional bodybuilders. Please post your opinions...
  7. Napol3onator

    is it better to have a long bicep or a short bicep?

    Hey, is it better to have a long bicep or a short bicep. Please give me examples of a short bicepped lol guy, and a long bicepped guy. I still can't fucking tell wether I have a long or short bicep. when I straighten my arm it looks long, and when I flex my bicep with my forearm straight, I...
  8. Clint

    Tribute To the Short Men

    Danny Padilla (one of my personal favorites) Benaziza, and Lee Preist are all seen here. You can also seen Padilla owning Yates :spy: