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  1. MD Bodybuilding

    Should you keep steroids in a syringe?

    If maintained properly, you may securely pre-load your syringes for many months. I do not advocate this even unless your vialss are made of glass, thus it is much preferable to keep it in the vials. If you find yourself in need of pre-loading syringes for later use due to unanticipated...
  2. kamalagsam

    decrease body fat %

    hi every one I weight 95 kg and my body fat 20% and my goal is 75 kg I want to know how many months ? to reach goal and decrease my body fat to 5% only how many months I will need (3 or 2 or 1) ? diet : 240 g protien 150 g carb 20 g fat note : I have average...
  3. Storm

    From fat ass to bad ass - By Jim Wendler

    Very basic but many times needed and asked advice, in the usual no-bull**** fashion of Mr. Wendler. Enjoy Originally posted on elitefts http://articles.elitefts.com/articles/training-articles/from-fat-ass-to-bad-ass/ --------- Let me preempt this before I get the hate mail ? I do not consider...
  4. P

    Body Fat testing

    What's the most accurate way to measure body-fat at home?
  5. Big VIC

    Director Kevin Smith asked to leave SW flight for being too fat.

    Kevin Smith 'Too Fat' to Fly Southwest By Bob Meadows Sunday February 14, 2010 04:10 PM EST Kevin Smith, sitting on a second Southwest Air flight Courtesy Kevin Smith Kevin Smith's most famous role is a guy who rarely speaks. But he's got a lot to say – much of it profane – after being...
  6. Napol3onator

    new question about fat burners

    i know they dont singe fat off like a miracle..but the energy they give you helps in the gym, so technically, fat burners work lol..and they make my grades better too! I have a question...I took lipo 6 from wally mart and it was amazing..200mg caffeine anhydrous..I was wondering if anyone knew...
  7. P

    Fat Guy Cannonballs Into Frozen Lake

  8. MrChewiebitums

    PWO carbs protein and fat

    Post-Workout Drink Part One: Carbs, Protein, and Fat by Gary F. Zeolla Note: Part One of this article was significantly revised and included as a chapter in my book Starting and Progressing in Powerlifting. The consumption of nutrients immediately post-workout is absolutely essential. It...
  9. kn609

    Fat in Japan? You're breaking the law.

    As the health care debate rages in the US, Tokyo lawmakers set a maximum waist size. Are you too fat for Japan? By David Nakamura — Special to GlobalPost Published: November 10, 2009 06:29 ET Updated: November 11, 2009 08:40 ET Editor's note: David Nakamura also contributes to The Atlantic's...
  10. robert.gaskins4

    Fat burnout without inhibiting muscle development

    When I started bodybuilding, the first major hurdle I had to cross was excess belly fat. The fat decreased to a certain extent but wouldn’t go away completely no matter how many cardio exercises I did. At that point in time, when I was searching possible answers, I came across an article on...
  11. MrChewiebitums

    Insulin Control For Maximum Fat Loss

    Insulin Control For Maximum Fat Loss . In games and contests, there are always elements that are devastating in their dominance. It may be as simple as rock always beating scissors in the hand game “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” or it may be as complex as the M1A1/2 Abrams main battle tanks loaded...
  12. Cork

    Effects of fat on protein digestion

    Anyone in college still who has access to this journal? I'd love to be able to read the full study. http://www.springerlink.com/content/vp340w1334t68887/
  13. Big VIC

    FREE StrongLifts 5×5 eBook: How to Build Muscle & Lose Fat Through Strength Training

  14. D


  15. COACH

    Personal Trainer gets fat to understand clients :-))

  16. Hypocrisy86

    A decent fat burner for upcoming cycle

    Well as my diet is getting better, and all i still would like to take a decent fat burner as my appetite increases, I had my eye on lipo 6 black, but would like someone elses opinion.
  17. M


    hey guys.. i know this is a frequently asked question and i also know a few of the answers for example eating small meals through the day and drinking lots of water. is their any other secrets or information on how to get my body fat down?? will be really appreciated!
  18. tim290280

    Fat and Back Again: Diary of a Former Super Heavy

    I found this a bit motivating. I think the last 3 paragraphs are particularly good and sums up the journey that lifting is. Fat and Back Again: Diary of a Former Super Heavy By Chris Moore For www.EliteFTS.com “Chris? Oh, you mean the big fat guy?” Looking back, I wasn’t insulted. That...
  19. El Freako

    New pics of my fat ass

    Taken today at 90+ kg. Apologies for the awful quality. Also no front shots because they all turned out shit. Last photos at 83kg from last July: I think I've added a lot of overall mass but sadly some around the waist too. I'm going to be doing my best to dump bf over the next couple...
  20. Zigurd

    Fat advice lady.

    Feel free to rage freely in this thread.