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the blade

  1. FitnessVolt

    Dexter Jackson at 52!

    Check out The Blade, Dexter Jackson at 52 years old and still looking like a bodybuilding god!
  2. MuscleMecca Crew

    Dexter Jackson Bodybuilding Bio and Net worth

    If you are a lover of sport, fitness, and bodybuilding, then you must be familiar with the name Dexter Jackson? If you're not, here's a chance to learn more about this successful bodybuilder. Dexter Jackson is more popular for winning several prestigious awards and titles than any other...
  3. COACH

    Dexter Jackson Updates

    This is your place for 2008 Mr. Olympia, Dexter Jackson, The Blade bodybuilding updates! Here is Dexter Jackson Guest Posing at the Adela Garcia Classic!
  4. smcfay

    Your know you need to lose weight when...[pic]

    I'm speechless
  5. P

    5 week diet to lose 10lbs. Please critique

    I've been on a low carb/high protein diet for the past 4 weeks but now I want to set out a diet to try and drop the last 10lbs in 5 weeks. Will be starting this on monday. bodyfat - 9 or 10% weight 160lbs height - 5'11 Wake up 5:20am 10g of L-Glutamine,5g BCAA's, multi vitamins. 5:45am...
  6. A

    Would this stack really help me lose weight...please help me out!

    Dear members, I am a weight loss enthusiast and although i have tried various supplements, i have never really been able to lose weight...hence, i spent some considerable time researching on the net and asked my friends who used fat loss supplements. After a while i realized that ##############...
  7. Ironslave

    watch the clock to lose weight

    Thought this was interesting, especially for guruT. Watch the Clock to Lose Weight By Sam Kean ScienceNOW Daily News When we eat may be just as important as what we eat. A new study shows that mice that eat when they should be sleeping gain more weight than mice that eat at normal hours...
  8. Big VIC

    FREE StrongLifts 5×5 eBook: How to Build Muscle & Lose Fat Through Strength Training

  9. bizarro306

    in a 12 week precontest diet, how much fat CAN you lose?

    ive known friends to lose 20-30 lbs in precontest but what is the limit? i know everyone is different jus want to see whats the most someone has goten out of a 12 week precontest diet!
  10. cuts

    Masturbate to Lose Weight!

    The male masturbation diet, also known as Onanibics, was developed to help men across the world lose weight through masturbation. The word Onanibics originated in Japan and it's English translation is "masturbation aerobics". Onanibics was developed to help men lose weight and promote male...
  11. F

    High insulin levels. How to lose BF?

    I have friend who struggles with losing weight( I think she's perfect), and her doctor said that her body produces high amounts of insulin, and in turn cuases barely any weight loss no matter how hard she trains or diets. any suggestions??? What foods should she stay away fom??? Which foods are...
  12. Deathmaggot

    so, when you stop roids, you lose all?

    thats the question, i was talking nothing serious with my trainer and he told me that after you stop the cycle, you mostly lose all, not even muscle memory works... so in order to save the gains you must be injecting... for life? and about the money, he told me that the average beginner cycle...