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thomas benagli

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Thomas Benagli Hardcore Mass Club

    Check out some dates of the Thomas Benagli Hardcore Mass Club! If anyone would like to translate please feel free.
  2. The King Of Lurkers

    Flex Magazine Covers with Dorian Yates

  3. dilatedmuscle

    Dorian Yates British Finals 1986

    lot of potential, who wouldve thunk he would be 6X Mr O nckGOJKi4YI
  4. tkD

    Dorian Yates MD seminar - chest and legs training

  5. tkD

    Dorian Yates training Zack Khan before turning Pro

  6. MrChewiebitums

    Dorian Yates to be Married!

    Dorian Yates is getting married! Here's a quote from the man himself: I will marry my fiancé Glauce Ferreira. Glauce is from Brazil and won the IFBB South American Bodyfitness event; she was also the IFBB World Bodyfitness Champion 2007. We met at the Arnold Classic in 2008 and have been...
  7. tkD

    Dorian Yates guest posing @ Fibo and German GP in 1992

    Born in Sutton Coldfield and raised in Hurley, England, Dorian Yates grew up without a passion for sports. Instead, he turned to a life of crime after being badly influenced at an early age. At 16, in 1980, Dorian joined a skinhead gang after moving to Birmingham. Eventually, he was arrested...
  8. tkD

    Dorian Yates 1986 & 1988 British Championships

    nckGOJKi4YI 6nVejCPuD4s
  9. Adam23

    Dorian yates 1992

    dorian yates poses at a EFBB qualifier in birmingham 1992 :thumbsup2:
  10. Adam23

    Dorian Yates at the 1992 Emerald Cup

    Dorian Yates guest performance at the 1992 Emerald Cup in Seattle Washington
  11. nigster

    Chris Cormier Training with Dorian Yates

    Okey dokey, check it out. This time it's Chris Cormier training with Dorian. :bball: 45I-cZtsgno Looks cool.
  12. tkD

    Dorian Yates & Chris Cormier training at Temple Gym!

  13. Adam23

    Dorian Yates- telegram

    here is a nice vid of Dorian Yates !!! check it out guys :thumbsup2: /v/H1Y6yIZLuWw&hl
  14. tkD

    Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler and Dorian Yates - 2009 Mr Olympia preview!

  15. tkD

    Olympia Clash of the Titans: Cutler vs Yates

    The sixth in our Olympia Clash of the Titans series presents a pair of multi-Sandow winners. Yates has six on his mantle, while Cutler has two and craves at least one more. Neither man had the best guns or slimmest waist on the Olympia stage. Instead, they won with their backs and legs. The...
  16. MrChewiebitums

    Dorian yates old interview

    Dorian yates on how he got into bodybuilding V_AMlsbs2I8
  17. sexnews

    Dorian Yates in retirement

    A pic of Dorian after his comp days. Still looking good.
  18. tkD

    MD.pl interviews with Dorian Yates, Dennis Wolf, Flex and Shawn Ray

    Dorian Yates http://www.musculardevelopment.pl/content/view/1050/72/ Dennis Wolf http://www.musculardevelopment.pl/content/view/1054/72/ Flex Wheeler http://www.musculardevelopment.pl/content/view/1055/72/ Shawn Ray http://www.musculardevelopment.pl/content/view/1039/72/ and.. Bob...
  19. D

    2009 Arnold Pregame Show with Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler &Dorian Yates

    2009 Arnold Pregame Show with Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler and Dorian Yates Link: http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/1939/220/
  20. tkD

    Dorian Yates joins team MD!

    more on their forums.