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  1. Pickle

    BAM, Phil Heath is in Australia!

    Wheres the news for this? I just saw on his twitter he will be in Sydney soon? Is he doing a guest pose? Guys updates!
  2. Skeptic

    Happy fucking Australia Day.

    Seeing as I'm the only one that apparenly cvares. Happy fucking Ausyralia day you ****s. :borat:
  3. curtisymoo

    Ronnie Coleman Guest Posing Australian Championships Sydney Australia 2009

  4. sexnews

    Australia foils terror plot

    Melbourne - Police in Australia foiled a terrorist plot for commando-style suicide attacks on at least one army base, arresting four men on Tuesday with suspected links to a Somali Islamist group, senior officers said. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the plot was a "sober reminder" that...
  5. sexnews

    Australia recognises gay unions

    Sydney - Australia's centre-left ruling party on Saturday voted for national recognition of same-sex unions but stopped short of lifting a ban on gay marriage. The national Labour conference voted to develop a system for the registration and recognition of same-sex relationships, after gay...
  6. tkD

    Kai Greene Returns after Taking the 2009 Australia Pro

    Kai Greene Returns after Taking the 2009 Australia Pro man, he's HUNGRY! :D
  7. Bodybuilderdk

    Kai Gym Pics in Australia

    Kai looks rediculous, love these type of photos.
  8. Bodybuilderdk

    Kai Greene Preps to Leave for Australia

    "Kai Greene and Oscar scramble to pack their belongings up as the ready to depart to Australia for the Australia Pro. It's anti-climactic after struggling for something, winning, and then dealing with it the next day. It's a life changing experience."...
  9. D

    Official Australia IFBB PRO GRAND PRIX VIII

    Official Australia IFBB PRO GRAND PRIX VIII Date: 14th March Where: Australia/Melbourne Top 3 Qualify for 2009 Mr Olympia First Place Prize of $20,000 Competitor Line up List; Any other Aussies from Musclemecca going to this show, i know currently including myself 4 people are going...
  10. D

    Australia Victoria Suffers from small EarthQuake

    Australia Victoria Suffers from small EarthQuake 4.6 intensity earthquake felt across Melbourne and Victoria Link: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25150188-661,00.html i felt the baby :bitenails:
  11. El Freako

    Come to Australia, its totally safe to go in the water.

  12. Pickle

    Australia's greatest athlete.

    Interesting concept. Shame its more about fun then actual skill testing. Anybody caught it? (Tim,Kurt,Dryden, Chesty Im mainly talking to you. ) Today they had a bench press challenge and it was the biggest joke. They let the AFL player win and he was the only one not touching his chest on...
  13. tim290280

    Bushfires kill 40+ in Victoria Australia

    I think I'll spend my $950 economy stimulus money on some marshmellows. :borat:
  14. Skeptic

    Australia Day

    Whar fuckin sober Aussie didnt think of this thread earlier... fuck you cyunts.
  15. Big VIC

    Uproar in Australia Over Plan to Block Web Sites

    By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: December 26, 2008 SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- A proposed Internet filter dubbed the ''Great Aussie Firewall'' is promising to make Australia one of the strictest Internet regulators among democratic countries. Consumers, civil-rights activists, engineers...
  16. tkD

    Dennis Wolf latest pics from Australia

    Dennis Wolf in "Australientour" which include Sidney,Melbourne and Perth, according to his website http://dennis-wolf.de/ awesome condition, can't wait for the ASC 09, will be a great show
  17. weR4221

    AUSTRALIA PRO arrivals

    i think he is not ready at all