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trey brewer

  1. dilatedmuscle

    Trey Brewer Updates

    In a recent radio session they forgot to edit out a spot where they mentioned that they filmed trey brewer but and dave said something like "no, dont say that... i dont want blechman to know" i then asked in a radio thread on RXM " what was that about trey brewer? " my post was deleted by Jeff...
  2. tkD

    Trey Brewer 06 Excalibur vs 08 NPC Nationals

    I know there is another Trey Brewer 06 vs 08(from jr nationals) thread, but i thought it would be nice to have another comparison with a recent show like 08 NPC Nationals. 2006 Excalibur Trey stats: age -21 weight -260 lbs SHW place -1st 2008 NPC Nationals: age -23 weight...