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troy kirkingburg

  1. TalkAdmin

    RIP Josh Samman

    I found out last night that Josh Samman, UFC Middle Weight died of a drug overdose on October 5, 2016. He was in the hospital for about a week in a coma and brain dead for much of that time. Police found him on September 29 with a pulse but unconscious. Troy Kirkingburg was also found dead at...
  2. tkD

    2015 Arnold Classic Ohio updates

    The 1st big show of the 2015 bodybuilding season will start with the Arnold Classic competition in Columbus, Ohio, on the 1st week of March (5-8). Obviously it's way to early for the competitors list, but I've created the thread so anyone of you could post any update available on the show...
  3. tkD

    Victor Martinez guest posing at the 2013 Dexter Jackson Classic!

    He is slowly getting his size back. Looking forward to see him at the 2014 Arnold Classic.
  4. tkD

    2013 Sheru Classic - 212 class only

    Next IFBB pro show. coming this weekend, the 2013 Sheru Classic in India! The only change from the last 2 years is that there will be only the 212 class and the bikini. Here are the latest updates: Date: October, 26-27th, 2013 Place: Pune, India Competitors list so far: David...
  5. tkD

    2013 ***Special stage Top 6 Guess *** Arnold Classic Europe!

    Official list of competitors! Have fun guys!
  6. tkD

    ***Official Mecca - Top 6 Guess - rules & standings thread*** 2013

    Quote from Natzo, and props to him for this game: The top 3 bonuses (from the 2012 special stages): 1st bonus - alex - 25 points 2nd bonus - pakiman - 18 points 3rd bonus - tkD - 15 points - you can use it only once for the 2013 Top 6 Guess Game, and when you use it you cannot make any...
  7. mike pulcinella

    Kai Greene talks about his decision to skip the 2011 Arnold Classic

  8. tkD

    The Official 2011 ARNOLD CLASSIC Thread

    2011 Arnold Sports Festival March 3-6, 2011 Columbus, OHIO Prize money: $344,000 Olympia qualify: 6 More info: www.arnoldsportsfestival.com 2011 Arnold Blog - bb.com
  9. DeQu


    HEATH TO SKIP THE ARNOLD Will focus on Olympia only in 2011 December 13, 2010 FLEXONLINE.COM Phil Heath has decided to skip major competitions before. But none of those decisions was tougher than his most recent: to sit out the 2011 Arnold Classic to focus solely on being his best ever at the...
  10. tkD

    Arnold Classic 1996 - Awards

    For me Flex was always > Levrone in shape, taper, proportions..etc, they both looked good at this contest, but imo Flex was better. more vids/routines from the 1996 Arnold:
  11. Daniel Andersson

    Phil Heath [2010 Mr. Olympia] VS Kai Greene [2010 Arnold Classic]

  12. tkD

    Jay Cutler guest posing - NPC West Coast Classic

  13. dilatedmuscle

    Dexter Jackson Guest Posing at the Philly Classic

    @ the 2010 NPC Philadelphia & Tracey Greenwood Classic Looking like a BEAST.
  14. tkD

    Dexter Jackson - guest poser at the 2010 Optimum Classic

  15. Natzo

    Jay Cutler guest posing at the 2010 JAY CUTLER CLASSIC (today)

  16. PistolPete

    Pete's Contest Prep- OCB Midatlantic Classic

    Hey guys, I'm currently getting ready for the OCB Midatlantic Classic, which is an IFPA pro qualifier. A little about me... Natural Amateur bodybuilder. Started bodybuilding when I entered college, in the fall of 07' at a height of 5'11 and a weight of 175. I was pretty lean, but didn't...
  17. tkD

    Branch & Ronnie guest posing at the 2010 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic

  18. Natzo

    Chris Smith Preps for the Ronnie Coleman Classic

    Chris Smith Preps for the Ronnie Coleman Classic
  19. Big VIC

    Todd Jewell Shocks Shoulders at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio!

    Todd Jewell Shocks Shoulders at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio!
  20. tkD

    MD photoshoots after the 2010 Arnold Classic

    Kai Greene photoshoot