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troy kirkingburg

  1. tkD

    Road to the Arnold Classic 2010!!

    Kai Greene - trains legs
  2. underbody

    Road to 2010 Arnold Classic Amateurs: Dennis Giusto 2 weeks out

    hello guy! here you can see severals photos of an Italian Champion: Dennis Giusto
  3. tkD

    2010 Arnold Classic official competitors list

    http://www.flexonline.com/arnold_classic_2010_competitors/news/1063 ARNOLD CLASSIC Melvin Anthony Tarek Elsetouhi Toney Freeman Kai Greene Phil Heath Dexter Jackson Johnnie Jackson Robert Pietrkowicz Ronny Rockel Silvio Samuel Sergey Shelestov Branch Warren Roelly Winklaar Hidetada Yamagishi...
  4. tkD

    Phil Heath will compete in the 2010 Arnold Classic!

    Phil Heath is going to Columbus, announcing in a text message today that he will compete in the 2010 Arnold Classic. The message read: "I'm in." Heath has been quiet in recent months, since placing fifth at the 2009 Olympia. A stomach virus hit Heath hard 24 hours before the Friday prejudging...
  5. tim290280

    Arnold Classic Strongman

    Preview clip from GMV sYEkK-WU2Vk Stones: omS1n2-LGDI Hummer Tire lift: KAnwtCKaaaA Timber carry: M4ra2XFuRzg Yoke walk: IaWza2Jie6w Axle press: K8gOxqQnop4
  6. BigOnizuka

    Bodybuilding Classic

    I hope it's not a repost. ShTp-kmN98Y&hl NAi7apraFXk For me those guys are the real bodybuiders.
  7. Natzo

    Ronnie Coleman After Guest Posing at the 2009 NPC Dexter Jackson Classic!

    The original Ronnie Coleman video was removed: Here is another Ronnie Coleman video
  8. Lanois

    Guestposing Video from the Dexter Jackson Classic

    Enjoy. Phil separating himself from the pack with superiors conditioning at this point
  9. tkD

    Dexter Jackson Classic - guestposers (Phil, Dex, Jay, Ronnie)

  10. tkD

    Branch Warren, Melvin Anthony and Trish Warren - NPC Branch Warren Classic 2009

    from rx,
  11. dilatedmuscle

    Branch Warren interview with Branch Warren Classic Overall winner

    I dont think those MMA punk shirts fit branch's personality http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/2157/241/ The coverage of these contests sucks royally, there are 4 contests that occurred on 1 day and i cant find pics of a single one of them
  12. Snow White

    Roelly Winklaar - The road to Arnold Classic PRO

    Post pics here for Roelly Winklaar and his road to the Arnold Classic
  13. tkD

    Toney Freeman - 2009 NPC Lone Star Classic routine

    thread with the pics, here
  14. tkD

    Dexter Jackson vs Chris Cormier - Arnold Classic 2005

  15. sexnews

    Branch Warren Guest posing at the 2009 NPC Black Gold Classic

    Bigger trhan a house!
  16. tkD

    Flex Wheeler - 1997 Arnold Classic routine

    Flex Wheeler at the Arnold Classic in 1997 where he finished 1st. Flex has won the Arnold Cassic 4 times - 1993,1997,1998 and 2000. Best symmetrical bodybuilder
  17. Natzo

    Phil Heath In Arnold Classic Workout

    Never seen it before.. l7TdhUqTbuI
  18. tkD

    Arnold Classic 2007 - prejudging and finals

    For those who want to see it again, great quality too Prejudging http://clips.team-andro.com/view_video.php?viewkey=c8f46c5765c194a04b59 Finals http://clips.team-andro.com/view_video.php?viewkey=bc3c934d248f639d9e96
  19. Adam23

    Kevin Levrone - Arnold Classic 96

    he looked great here !!! kevin is the man :thumbsup2: /v/GcZih87umdg&hl
  20. Z

    Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson Guest Posing at the 2009 NPC Jay Cutler Classic

    videos: Jay Cutler: Dexter and Jay: