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troy kirkingburg

  1. Z

    Don Long & Lee Banks guest posing at NPC Gateway Classic(25.04.2009)

    Full gallery here: http://iajephoto.com/photocart/index.php?do=photocart&viewGallery=6532 Full gallery here: http://iajephoto.com/photocart/index.php?do=photocart&viewImage=259809
  2. tkD

    Jay Cutler guest posing - Orange County Muscle Classic XXXII

  3. Big VIC

    Ronnie Coleman Classic » 2009 Womens Bodybuilding

    Overall 1. Charissa Nguyen Heavyweight 1. Sarah Hayes Light Heavyweight 1. Kathleen Reddell Middleweight 1. Charissa Nguyen Masters 35+ 1. Rachelle Stevens 2. Kathleen Reddell 3. Karen A. Fox Novice Middleweight 1. Rachelle Stevens 2. Karen A. Fox
  4. Big VIC

    Ronnie Coleman Classic » 2009 Fitness results

    Overall 1. Monica Vargas Fitness 1. Monica Vargas 2. Debbie Fowler
  5. Big VIC

    Ronnie Coleman Classic Figure

    Overall 1. Angel Whitmire Class A 1. Yolanda Werner 2. Tina Francis 3. Kelly Galyean 4. LaToya Bigelow 5. Angie McElroy 6. Mandi Brooks 7. Christine Booker 8. Crystal Vargas 9. Suzanne Bennett 10. Victoria Spence 11. Elizabeth Schneider 12. Kimberly Wingard 13. Tracey...
  6. Z

    Dexter Jackson guest posing at the 2009 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic (18.04.09)

    Staff Edit: The original Dexter Jackson was removed from YouTube. Gustavo Badell, Dennis James, Silvio Samuel, and Melvin Anthony guest pose at the 2008 Dexter Jackson Classic
  7. tkD

    Flex Wheeler 1998 Arnold Classic

  8. Matze

    Video Arnold Classic Expo 2009

    Some impressions of the 2009 AC Expo! Enjoy http://clips.team-andro.com/watch/250b8d9c3c908a13ee28/Expo-Impressions-Arnold-Classic-2009
  9. MrChewiebitums

    Classic Bodybuilding.... not so classic

    MQ8x9dfuMrU check out his gut :O this definitely tells us something, ahead of his time or doing lots of substances? perhaps insanely bloated
  10. tkD

    2009 Arnold Classic "from the lens of Isaac Hinds"

  11. curtisymoo

    Dexter Jackson Guest posing Gateway Classic 08

    7aqv5ZOW2Uo available in HD
  12. tkD

    2009 Arnold Classic pre-judging videos

    _tD7GO4OsNA Zjsv_JCCQrI IOku31Fp01M mAQoqoQ59Sg HD quality available
  13. Savjav

    ARNOLD Classic 2009 Victor martinez \VS/ Kai Greene Prejudging

    enjoy :gaysign: RSWW-YtL0bQ
  14. Savjav

    Kai Green Arnold classic acceptance vid

    link below :)
  15. Lionheart

    Kai Green Arnold Classic 2009 Posing (HD)

    Click the HD. More videos here: edit:please remove this to AC section.
  16. D

    2009 Arnold Classic Ronnies Coming Back

    Here's a cools site that has a Ronnie Coleman Video talking about his comeback and Steve Weinberger's from Bev Francis Expo Pics http://bodybuilding.webnode.com
  17. D

    Trey Brewer @ 2009 Arnold Classic Expo 310lb

  18. D

    Arnold Classic 2009: Post Comp Interviews

    Arnold Classic 2009: Post Comp Interviews More Interviews
  19. D

    Official 2009 Arnold Classic: Posing Routines

    More to come when others upload them 2009 Arnold Classic POSEDOWN 6ptxan-NjCk Victor Martinez 2EbDhlysPUY Victor Martinez & Kai Green ZzBdxv9JQ34
  20. tkD

    2009 Arnold Classic Official Scorecard!

    Congrats once again to Kai, but also Victor for his comeback! Top 5 ^^ Vic was close! dammit, if he had at least 07 legs, he would have won it