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ufe world championship

  1. Kayce

    UFE World Championship

    We are happy to announce the UFE World Championship in Toronto! November 19 & 20, 2016 The Westin Harbour Castle 1 Harbour Square Toronto, Ontario, Canada Ultimate Fitness Events – info@UFEshows.com
  2. Big VIC

    Father arrested for abuse after slapping 2-year-old for eating his Pringles

    A Birmingham man was arrested for child abuse after authorities say he slapped his toddler daughter for eating his Pringles. Justin James Warren Green, 22, was arrested Friday but bonded out of the county jail this morning, said Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian. Investigators said...
  3. El Freako

    Man arrested for drive-by faeces attack

  4. sexnews

    NPC Texas Chairman Arrested

    NPC Texas Chairman Lee Thompson Arrested in Possession of Large Quantities of Anabolic Steroids by Millard Baker NPC Texas Chairman Lee Thompson was found in possession of “large quantities of different types of anabolic steroids” when he was arrested on May 25, 2009 according to federal...
  5. P

    Arrested for asking a policeman for his badge number

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/video/2009/jun/21/fit-watch-kingsnorth-arrests Shocking
  6. BigNasty99

    Ronnie Coleman arrested

  7. Ironslave

    17 year old girl arrested for cursing at 911 operator as father collapsed

    This is absolutely sickening, police abuse has gone way too far. VdIE0UGU60k
  8. P

    Flair Arrested, Police Find Heroin In His Vehicle

    Ric Flairs son that is.
  9. P

    Dark Knight Director's Brother Arrested for Murder

    :turborun: http://news.yahoo.com/s/eonline/20090320/en_top_eo/105428 Los Angeles (E! Online) – Holy headline-making, Batbro! Matthew Francis Nolan, the older brother of Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan, has been arrested by the FBI in his hometown of Chicago and is now awaiting...
  10. P

    HHH arrested for assault

    lol. He threw him out the window. Reminds me of Austin/Pillman back in 96. zE-j2Q-HylA
  11. Chesticles

    John Graziano's Father Arrested For Attempted Murder

  12. D

    Former Champion Bodybuilder Marvin Ward Arrested

    Former champion bodybuilder Marvin Ward has been Arrested Story Below Picture Link: no longer up Marvin's Website Link: no longer up Here is another pic of Marvin Ward
  13. SiCK

    Actor Who Played Steroid Dealer In "The Wrestler" Is Arrested

  14. Big VIC

    Man who led Sen. John McCain's presidential-campaign office in Pueblo arrested for ch

    Man who led Sen. John McCain's presidential-campaign office in Pueblo arrested for child molestation By John Amato Saturday Feb 07, 2009 10:00am This is pretty sick as far as Republican scandals go. A wide-ranging investigation has been launched into allegations that a well-known Pueblo...
  15. Z

    Two young men arrested in Russia on suspicion of killing and eating a girl

    IRINA TITOVA February 05, 2009 12:30am
  16. sexnews

    Nylstroom Pervo arrested for 'upskirts' and more

    From www.freeracer.co.za A suspected pervert from Vaalwater has been arrested after video material featuring several naked women was seized from his house. He has appeared in the Modimolle (Nylstroom) court. Mr Graham Robert Large (41), described as a “friendly, well-natured man’’, was...
  17. Big VIC

    Teen with Home Chemistry Lab Arrested for Meth, Bombs

    A Canadian college student majoring in chemistry built himself a home lab - and discovered that trying to do science in your own home quickly leads to accusations of drug-making and terrorism. Lewis Casey, an 18-year-old in Saskatchewan, had built a small chemistry lab in his family's garage...
  18. Tech

    George Bush arrested for cocaine possession

    http://www.nbcaugusta.com/news/topstories/20727619.html :hsughr::hsughr::hsughr:
  19. P

    Top WWE Raw Superstar Arrested

    Mike Johnson of the Pro Wrestling Insider is reporting that Santino Marella was arrested a 2:57 AM EDT this morning and charged with Driving Under the Influence. According to Johnson, he was driving on Westshore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida when he was pulled over. Marella is currently being...
  20. P

    8 Teens Arrested for Beating Girl Unconscious