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ultimate warriors

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    2016 NPC/IFBB – Ultimate Warriors

    NPC/IFBB – Ultimate Warriors 1895 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92108, United States Ultimate Warriors Schedule
  2. L

    Gym Pet Peeves?

    Let's have a little fun with this topic. What are some of your most hated pet peeves while at the gym? and GO!
  3. smcfay

    Discovery Channel- Lifting in prison

    This is pretty old but check out the ATG form with some of these guys and the amount of weight they are using for being in prison. Oh and check out this squat dump around the 6:40 minute marker, i don't know how he didn't break his neck. :bitelip: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=KNWX30UI
  4. El Freako

    5/3/1 Lifting League

    or all Wendlerites to post there weekly totals in for a comparison. Or just somewhere for Bulky and I to compete against each other. Whatever. Similar to the Powerlifting League thread, you need to take post your weekly total (the sum of all your estimated 1rms), your weekly bodyweight and your...
  5. T

    What do you take before lifting?

    I take a 200mg caffeine pill. On leg and back day I take 2 x 200mg caffeine pills to get really jacked. I was wondering what everybody else did to help them get energized for a workout.
  6. M

    Swimming after weight lifting - not a good idea?

    Hi. I was told at the gym the other day that going swimming after lifting weights will waste all the work I have just done. ie. I won't get any bigger becuse the blood has been pumped to different parts of my body when swimming. Is this true? The guy who told me was just another gym go'er...
  7. theweapon

    One of a Kind Olympic Lifting

    Olympic Weightlifting "One of a Kind"
  8. Chesticles

    Velcro Weight Lifting Belts

    I didn't no exactly what section to put this in, so move it if necessary. I've seen a few people wear them, what are everyone's thought's on them? Something like this for those who don't know what I'm talking about:
  9. philosopher

    Chinese Olympic lifting

    They are one of the best, if not the best in the world. Here are some great vids of chinese olympic lifters Zhang Guozheng 220kg x 2 3Y8yKSJbpFI Long Qingquan 170 kg (56 kg lifter) VeaauKDxIbw Chinese elite lifters training z5LMZSM_4NM
  10. German_Joe

    funny lifting videos

    Post funny lifting and form videos here, ill start with a couple I thought this was funny just because of the Hardcore music...... Old people and crossfit = serious business QiW1RVgA214 This is self explanatory Uydck3O5VMk Retarded yet somehow impressive DUgckL0pVfc suicide grip ftw...
  11. alex

    Greek olympic weight lifting team tested positive for banned substances

    Members Of The Greek Weightlifting Team Test Positive, Coach Suspended Athens, Greece (AHN) - Greek Olympic weightlifting coach Christos Iakovou has been suspended after 11 out of 14 members of Greece's national weightlifting team have tested positive for banned substances during an...
  12. Hypocrisy86

    Need some new lifting gloves

    So my old black ocelots are torn was wondering if anyone has any good gloves to spare or knows a site etc to where i can get some good ones preferably shieck, thanks!
  13. Clint

    How Much Water Do You Consume During Lifting?

    Well, ever since I started carrying a water bottle with me I realized how much water I was drinkin during each session I drink about 60oz per workout next.