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us marines bodybuilding

  1. KaiGold

    US Marine Bodybuilders Kick Ass!

    Don't fuck with the US Marines and that includes bodybuilding! Former Marines capture overall titles in Pacific Muscle Classic on Okinawa Pacific Muscle Classic guest poser Robert Timms with women's figure tall division winner Elizabeth Mendez, left, and women's figure short division and...
  2. P

    US man 'shoots wife and children'

  3. P

    The Joker attacks and kills 2 Children and a Careworker!

  4. P

    very creepy, disturbing children's cartoon, banned from TV

    cqi5F5MqqTQ :ughnoes:
  5. P

    Benefit couple faked 16 children

  6. P

    Pedophile admits to using Xbox Live to pick up children

    Youtube user, self professed pedophile, and worthless human being Myidisphat has freely, and gleefully, admitted to using Xbox Live as a hunting ground to find and befriend young boys. Seeming to think himself a champion of a noble cause, Myidisphat attempts to defend his deplorable...