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  1. TalkAdmin

    Sazali Samad is Mr. Universe again for the Tenth Win!

    Sazali Samad, a professional bodybuilder from Malaysia won his 10th Mr. Universe Title in Mumbai India at the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships in early December. He has previously had 6 consecutive wins! Sazali Samad: Here is the new Sazali Samad bodybuilding bio and pro list...
  2. tkD

    2010 Europa Show of Champions - competitors list, pics, info..etc

    Europa Show of Champions Sports Expo - Orlando Competitors so far (as of March 19, 2010) Open 202 class
  3. tkD

    2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro - competitors list

    Not official yet, but here it is: Toney Freeman DeShaun Grimez Johnnie Jackson Melvin Anthony Troy Alves Hidetada Yamagishi Quincy Taylor Mike Liberatore Stan "The White Rhino" Efferding Daniel Hill Andy Haman Con Demetriou Neil Hill Mehmet Yildirim
  4. tkD

    2010 Arnold Classic official competitors list

    http://www.flexonline.com/arnold_classic_2010_competitors/news/1063 ARNOLD CLASSIC Melvin Anthony Tarek Elsetouhi Toney Freeman Kai Greene Phil Heath Dexter Jackson Johnnie Jackson Robert Pietrkowicz Ronny Rockel Silvio Samuel Sergey Shelestov Branch Warren Roelly Winklaar Hidetada Yamagishi...
  5. D

    Whats on your christmas shopping list?

    what are some of the things your buying for your family and what are you receiving if you already know
  6. P

    Competitor List

  7. P

    Competitor List

    http://www.mrolympia.com/2009/mrolympia.html Ronnie Coleman? Mr. Olympia Qualified! Troy Alves Melvin Anthony Evan Centopani Darrem Charles Jay Cutler Moe Elmoussawi Toney Freeman Kai Greene Ahmad Haidar Phil Heath Dexter Jackson Dennis James Michael Kefalianos Martin Kjellstrom Victor...
  8. tkD

    2009 Tampa Pro and Europa Super Show- Competitor list

    ..as of july 9 Tampa
  9. Z

    2009 Pittsburgh Pro 202 class(info & competitor list)

  10. Z

    2009 New York Pro Men's Bodybuilding (info & competitors list)

    Top 5 Olympia Qualify. First place prize is $35,000 and Ring,202 class is $6,000. Link: http://www.ifbbpro.com/events/2009-new-york-mens-womens-pro-contest-information/
  11. El Freako

    Well Dubai is officially off my holiday list

    http://www.news.com.au/travel/story/0,28318,25198762-5014090,00.html Would it be culturally insensitive for me to refer to them as "fucking retards"? I know they're a Muslim country an all but most other countries who have these sort of laws have had them in place for decades. Bringing such...
  12. D


  13. PrinceVegeta

    NPC competitors list

    Here is the current NPC National Mens competitor lists for the upcoming 2008 NPC National Bodybuilding contest in Atlanta. Mens Super Heavyweights Adam Weidel - Monroe, GA Eboni Wilson - Schererville, IN Edward Nunn - Anderson, IN Gabriel Latifi - Linden, NJ Grigori...
  14. P


    [as of October 6, 2008] 1. Khalid ALMOHSINAWI, Netherlands 2. Marcos CHACON, Spain 3. Hanni GLANVILLE, United Kingdom 4. Dexter JACKSON, USA 5. Martin KJELLSTROM, Sweden 6. Cesar MENDIBLE, Venezuela 7. Migger MILAZZO, Germany 8. Manfred PETAUTSCHNIG, Austria 9. Ronny ROCKEL, Germany...
  15. SerbMarko

    2008 Men's Competitor List

    http://contest.bodybuilding.com/results/6432 2008 IFBB Olympia View 2008 IFBB Olympia Main Page NP = not placed (or results pending) DNF = did not finish DIVISION PLACE CONTESTANT Compare Men Professional NP Abiad Fouad NP Branch Warren NP Craig Richardson NP David Henry NP...
  16. Member70353

    2008 IFBB North American Championships (info & competitor list)

    August 29/30, 2008 Cleveland, Ohio FRIDAY PREJUDGING Meeting at 3:00 pm Competition at 4:00 pm Men Open, Men Over 40 and Men Over 50 SATURDAY PREJUDGING Meeting at 7:30 am Competition at 8:30 am Women Bodybuilding, Open Figure and Masters Figure 1-pc and 2-pc suits SATURDAY FINALS...
  17. D

    Your weekly shopping list & price

    Just wondering what is everyones weekly shopping list contains of and the total price for each week I'll go first roughly at the moment its around $50 chicken veggies fruit cottage cheese red meat :tiphat:
  18. P

    Tampa competitor list

    COMPETITOR LIST [AS OF JULY 18, 2008] MEN 1. Fouad ABIAD, Canada 2. Khalid ALMOHSINAWI, Netherlands 3. Jorge ALVES, France 4. Pablo AREVALO, Peru 5. Paul BAKER, Jamaica 6. Marcus BECHT, Germany 7. Lyndon BELGRAVE, Barbados 8. Omar BORRELLI, Argentina 9. Elvis BROWN, England 10. Raul CARRASCO...
  19. Hypocrisy86

    Your mp3 song list, while working out

    heres my list of all the songs on mine iTunes wont let me copy and paste just the tags/songs cus' its ghey like that, so here
  20. P


    MEN 1. Khalid ALMOHSINAWI, Netherlands 2. Flavio BACCIANINI, Italy 3. Jose ALVES-JORGE, France 4. Marcus BECHT, Germany 5. Lyndon BELGRAVE, Barbados 6. Omar BORELLI, Argentina 7. Lionel BROWN, USA 8. Troy BROWN, Canada 9. Brian CHAMBERLAIN, USA 10. Darrem CHARLES, Trinidad 11. Fedel CLARKE...