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    How does Anavar act on our body ?

    What is Anavar? Steroids affect our physical performance and physique. People in the sports and fitness world use them to improve their performance. Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone, is an anabolic androgenic steroid (or AAS). Bodybuilders use it in bodybuilding doping to increase dry muscle or...
  2. P

    Chris Benoit Phone Calls Released To Channel 2

  3. P

    Benoit Family Taking Action Against Hustler

    Nancy’s Benoit Family Taking Action Against Hustler Date Added: February 10, 2008 Story By: Steve Carrier Several weeks ago we reported that Hustler Magazine would be publishing photos of Nancy Benoit in her earlier years in their March edition of Hustler. Since that time, the family of Nancy...
  4. PUMBA

    Battle for Benoit estate could get nasty

    Battle for Benoit estate could get nasty A former girlfriend of wrestler Chris Benoit is the latest to join the complex legal battle over the estate of the man known as "the Canadian Crippler". Wrestling websites in the US are reporting claims that a female wrestler gave birth to a daughter...