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zhao zhang lei

  1. underbody

    2016 Olympia Amateur Hong Kong

    We are proud to announce the 2016 Olympia Amateur in Hong Kong this weekend! Armando M.
  2. MrChewiebitums

    Mr Olympia 1996 (full video)

    vGvoe9PGBRM _0nqMZeE9Dk ter3q-LubTM OnywB5euyVA G9mEvycxsEg iHadJ5bxS_o v2rlE9IV88Y YwoKn9C_4vI tS9EZx20gls
  3. MrChewiebitums

    Mr Olympia 1998 (full video)

    FUqROadvcrg rGRlyYzzG-0 KWfFs1O34cs Aeh42RwhAKM PFiFt6qVdvc fbIkT8pvsPY WlsTrexRdg8 zh9zGPKMKSA lGOktq3S7VY
  4. SerbMarko

    Anabolics 2009 Full versioni PDF ebook

    this is a must read.. for the rookie and the advanced in chemical knowledge.. PDF format.. you will need adobe.. enjoy http://www.mininova.org/tor/2778147
  5. lifterdead

    America is Full of Racists

    And this data proves it. (Medical School Student Acceptance Rates, by ethnicity.) Debate. :food-snacking:
  6. Zigurd

    Help with full body routine.

    Things to consider: -I'd be in a bulk -I'd be sleeping very well. -I'd be doing this routine 3-4 times per week. Squats - 5x5 Lunges - 3x5 Weighted pull-ups - 5x5 Dumbbell rows - 3x5 Bench press - 5x5 Incline press - 3x5 I'd also like to throw in a bonus exercise like lateral raises to...
  7. Hypocrisy86

    Full body workout twice a week ?

    I have two days off per week, and each week my days off are different, and instead of trying to pull off 3 times a week for gym, I think that a full body workout will suffice, consisting.. of (but not final yet) day 1. db rotator stretch stretch calf press db shrugs ab rope crunch db hammer...
  8. Ironslave

    Frank Mir is full of shit

    he thinks he can out deadlift and squat Lesnar? lol. DsO8NyyEYaU
  9. Big_Guns_Lance

    Full body and low volume

    Iv'e been reading alot about split routines recently especially the sticky thread in this section! (btw good evidence in there). And I have learnt alot I didn't no they wasn't the most productive way to train and that FB routines were. Although I think you can still grow on them and progress (as...
  10. D

    Full body and split workout

    For the past while i've been doing a split workout and recently i wanted to change things up so i started doing a full body workout for the past month which is doing me really good. To me the full body workout gives you a big pump and lets you work out each muscle group 3 times a week but on a...
  11. M

    Full Body Workout

    I'm wanting to start a new workout routine. What do you guys think about full body workouts? 3 times a week Monday, Wed. and Friday, and on tuesday and thursdays cardio and abs..?
  12. Natzo

    Full Protein

    It's a great product, I think it is made here in Portugal. It´s made from pure egg albumin and has 23.3g of protein, 0 fat, and almost 0 carbs each unit 250g. the best is that it cost only 0.75 euros each and 7 euros a box with 10 units. This product is a staple in my fridge i always have 3...
  13. D

    The Simpsons: Full Streaming episodes Online

    Link: http://watchsim.com/watch_20x05.html :2:
  14. D

    Kevin Levrone: Full Blown DVD

    Kevin Levrone / Full Blown 60 minutes / Single disc dvd Released Aug. 16th, 2006 Originally Released by Kevin Levrone:1995 This is Kevin’s first video produced and released by Kevin Levrone and his associates in 1995. Includes whole body work-out. What happens when 1700 pounds of cold iron...
  15. grandmaster

    Developing a lower and full bicep!

    Hi I was wondering how to get my biceps to be full on the outer part of it! So far my inner bicep is right at the bottom but it lacks the longness and fullness. What exercises should i perform for the perfect bicep!
  16. D


    Three men and a Sandow; Coleman, Cutler and Schlierkamp meet for a thrilling three-for-all before the Olympia, and a fellow called Sandow tags along Flex, Nov, 2003 by Jim Schmaltz Newton warned us about this. Massive bodies in motion. Actions and reactions. The cataclysmic consequences of...
  17. P

    pics + full video of romanian grand prix

    hi again . there are a lot of pics and even the hold video of the contest. its on the site of romanian bodybuilding. here`s the link with the video: http://www.videosport.ro/view.php?cat=43&id=371 and pics: http://www.topculturism.ro/web/fullArticle.php?art=630 Enjoy!:linedrunk:
  18. Big VIC

    Full Throttle Douche Bottle

  19. JS316

    Full Contact arm wrestling

    So many questions..... :wutyousay: It's sponsored by under amour as well. Most insane sport ever.... uFvql-O1GWQ
  20. Braaq

    2nd Presidental Debate, Full Video

    In case anyone missed it and wanted to watch it, here is the whole video. I think both held their own, but I did actually agree more with Obama :ughnoes:. Either way, here you guys go: VkBqLBsu-o4