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zydrunas savickas

  1. tkD

    Eddie Hall vs Zydrunas Savickas

    The Beast vs Big Z in a compilation of their best lifts. Who's your favorite?
  2. tkD

    The 2018 World's Strongest Man - official thread with videos / photos and results!

    Hi guys, in this thread I will post all the results from the 2018 WSM, info about the events, qualifiers and videos / pics. If you have any info feel free to post it. Alright, so the 2018 Wold's Strongest Man will take place in Manila, Phillipines. Qualifiers: April 28 - May 01 in Manila...
  3. TalkAdmin

    Zydrunas Savickas Bio and Updates

    Žydrūnas Savickas: one of the greatest strongman Born on July 15, 1975 and now standing at 6ft 3in, weighing in at 155kg to 182kg, Žydrūnas Savickas is declared by many as one of the greatest strongmen ever born. And why not, he has gone on to win every single major strongman competition as a...
  4. Aeugh

    Barbell Rows: Arnold or Dorian?

    Here's an exercise that has always confused me, but that is only because of two Mr. Olympias who recommend doing them in different ways. Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends starting with your body parallel or even slightly lower and standing on a block so you can get a full stretch on the way...
  5. El Freako

    The Westside Barbell Primer

    The WSB primer (The answers to all your questions) Simple answers to complex questions: (misspelling is intentional) 1. I can't gain weight! A. Eat more food. 2. I can't loose weight! A. Eat less food. 3. My bicepts, tricepts, lats, other favorite body part won't...
  6. PistolPete

    Barbell Rows

    Hey guys, I've been having trouble with barbell rows for a while now. My two main questions are, What is the tempo you use for doing barbell rows? Do you just drive the bar up, squeeze, and then lower it slowly, or do you use no momentum even on the positive portion of the rep? My second...
  7. philosopher

    Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training DVD

    :thumbsup2: http://www.aasgaardco.com/store/store.php?crn=210&rn=323&action=show_detail
  8. Thunder Jet

    Barbell Rows

    Cant get my back straight during BB rows. Any advice? What is the proper angle of bend for doing this? Pls. help, thanks
  9. J

    barbell or dumbell bench, any difference?

    Guys, i've been training about 8 - 12 months now and have noticed considerable differences in my chest growth, but they're not on par with my buddy who started training with me. The only difference being he prefers barbell bench press whereas i opt to use dumbells. I'm wondering if that could...
  10. theweapon

    Erik Fankhouser 185 Barbell curl

    i hope its not a repost if it is please delete arvUDMN2pcs
  11. PrinceVegeta

    one armed barbell rows