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2024 England’s Strongest Man Final Results

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Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
The 2024 England’s Strongest Man competition, held on June 22nd in York, showcased the immense strength and endurance of 13 elite athletes. The event tested their capabilities across five challenging events, ultimately crowning Kane Francis as the national champion. In this detailed analysis, we will delve into each event, highlight the performances, and provide insights into the athletes' strategies and outcomes.

2024 England’s Strongest Man Final Results

Event 1: Loading Race​

The competition kicked off with a demanding Loading Race. Athletes had to transport four heavy implements—an anvil, keg, sandbag, and tire—to a loading deck as quickly as possible. This event tested their speed, strength, and endurance.

Implements and Results:​

  • 110-kg (242.5-lb) Anvil
  • 120-kg (264.6-lb) Keg
  • 150-kg (330.7-lb) Sandbag
  • 120-kg (264.6-lb) Tire

Top Performers:​

  • Luke Richardson: 36.87 seconds
  • Kane Francis: 37.32 seconds
  • Andrew Flynn: 38.55 seconds
Luke Richardson, returning from a bicep injury, displayed remarkable speed, narrowly beating Kane Francis and Andrew Flynn in a nail-biting finish.

Event 2: Dumbbell Press​

The Dumbbell Press challenged the athletes’ upper body strength. Using a 90-kg (198.4-pound) dumbbell, they performed as many overhead presses as possible with one arm.


  • Andrew Flynn: 7 reps
  • William Relf: 7 reps
  • Joe Oliver: 7 reps
  • Luke Richardson: 6 reps
The event ended in a three-way tie for first place, highlighting the athletes' exceptional strength and endurance.

Event 3: Axle Deadlift​

The Axle Deadlift tested core and lower body strength. Athletes performed as many reps as possible on an axle setup.


  • Kane Francis: 6 reps
  • Paddy Haynes: 6 reps
  • Andrew Flynn: 5 reps
  • Mitch Flowers: 5 reps
This event saw intense competition, with multiple athletes tying for top spots, showcasing their determination and resilience.

Event 4: Wrecking Ball Hold​

The Wrecking Ball Hold tested grip strength and endurance. Athletes had to hold a 242-kg (533.5-pound) wrecking ball for as long as possible.


  • Paddy Haynes: 101.12 seconds
  • Luke Richardson: 96.59 seconds
  • Mark Felix: 94.42 seconds
Paddy Haynes surprised everyone by holding the wrecking ball for over 100 seconds, securing first place in this grueling event.

Event 5: Castle Stones​

The final event, Castle Stones, required athletes to load a series of heavy stones onto platforms. The fastest time determined the winner.


  • Kane Francis: 18.54 seconds
  • Paddy Haynes: 21.19 seconds
  • Ben Glasscock: 21.36 seconds
Kane Francis' outstanding performance in this event solidified his overall victory, marking him as the 2024 England’s Strongest Man.

Final Standings:​

  1. Kane Francis: 52 points
  2. Andrew Flynn: 50.5 points
  3. Paddy Haynes: 47.5 points
  4. Luke Richardson: 44.5 points
  5. Ben Glasscock: 37 points
Kane Francis’ consistent performance across all events, particularly his decisive win in the Castle Stones, ensured his triumph. Andrew Flynn’s slip-up in the final event cost him the lead, demonstrating the unpredictability and competitive nature of Strongman competitions.

Analysis and Insights​

Strategy and Preparation​

Athletes prepared extensively, focusing on diverse training regimens to enhance their performance across different types of strength challenges. Kane Francis’ training likely included a mix of speed work, heavy lifting, and endurance exercises, contributing to his balanced and strong performance.

Physical and Mental Resilience​

The competition emphasized not only physical strength but also mental toughness. Athletes had to maintain focus and composure under immense pressure, especially in events like the Wrecking Ball Hold and Castle Stones.

Future Prospects​

Kane Francis’ victory positions him as a rising star in the Strongman community. His recent successes suggest a promising future, with potential for international recognition and further achievements.
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