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Does growth hormone make your head grow?

MD Bodybuilding

MD Bodybuilding

Well-known member
Aug 6, 2021
I'm 45 years old and use TRT 250 mg once a week. My issue is, at my age, can I consume 200 g of rice with each meal without raising my blood sugar and cholesterol levels? I consume six meals every day. I exercise five days a week. If that's a horrible idea, what can I consume to gain weight naturally?

I take HGH at 1.5 IU per day 5 days a week. Would taking mk677 on my days off be beneficial? It was advised to me that I boost my own growth hormone production.

Is HGH capable of increasing the size of your head? since I don't have this problem, but others claim to. I've been using HGH for six months.

Hello, Doc and Ron. This is a question for both of you: Do you think I could supplement my HRT with 50-100mg/week of Trenbolone Acetate or Enanthate? I'm now on Sustanon 250, taking 200mg every week in two doses, and HCG, 1500iu three times per week. Is it feasible to take a low dose of tren for the rest of my life? Is it long-term? What about the negative consequences? Will a modest dose harm my cardiovascular health, modify my personality, or make me angry? Tren is known to be extremely harmful... Thank you very much!

Does growth hormone make your head larger? This is a common question asked by bodybuilders and those interested in using growth hormone (GH) to enhance their physical performance. GH has gained popularity as a supplement for bodybuilders, but there needs to be more research on whether it can make the head larger.

Some anecdotal evidence from people who have used GH suggests that it may increase the size of the face and jaw in some cases, although this could be due to other factors such as diet or weight gain. Furthermore, scientific studies have not been able to confirm any effects of GH on changes in facial features. Any changes experienced are likely due to external influences other than actual growth hormone supplementation.

So does growth hormone make your head larger?
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Mecca V.I.P.
Apr 10, 2014
I think it's more related to increased food intake.

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