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Frimpong and Kolekie Appointed Chairman and Secretary of the GBFA

Bodybuilding News

Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
Godwin Frimpong and Vanessa Efia Kolekie, both experienced bodybuilders, have been chosen chairman and secretary of the Ghana Bodybuilding and Fitness Association's Athlete's Commission, respectively (GBFA).

The appointment, ratified on Friday, ensured that the two would work with other experienced executives to help expand the sport in Ghana.

Frimpong has a Pro Card, while Kolekie, with over a decade of experience, has represented the country on various international occasions.

• Ping-pong
They were supposed to guarantee that the association operated under international standards, particularly in terms of athlete development for international tournaments.

• Kolekie's
According to the GBFA's Athlete's Committee duties, they were also supposed to be bodybuilding and fitness athletes' spokespeople in all matters involving the course of bodybuilding and fitness contests, and to recommend changes in this area to the President and Executive Council.

They are also responsible for assisting the Judges Committee and the Technical Committee in guaranteeing the smooth operation of the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships or any other International event.

Again, the pair is required to organize athletes for meetings, tournaments, and other gatherings of athletes and executives, as well as fulfill any other job or obligations that the President or the Executive Council may prescribe.
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