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IFBB Split: Will It Result in a Continental One For Amateurs?

Joe Pietaro

Joe Pietaro Contributer
May 30, 2014

The bottom line with the split between the two IFBB factions (Professional League and International) has many people confused on what it will all mean for the competitors and the shows where they will have the opportunity to take the stage. From what it appears now (at least from an amateur perspective), it's going to come down to competitors from the respective country competing in shows thereat.

For example, the NPC is still the governing body of amateur shows in the US and where IFBB pro cards can be earned. But they (actually, their international equivalent, but we'll keep it simple) have also added some shows in the UK for 2018 where the winners of each category will walk out with an IFBB pro card, as well. But give that some thought: the vast majority of IFBB Pro League shows will be held in the US as a result of the split and brand new pros will have to decide if they want to spend the money to travel for a shot at winning a show and then travel again to compete at the Olympia - which the IFBB is dangling as a carrot to get competitors to stay with their league.

Then there is the still yet-unnamed international amateur division coming to the US and being ran by Wayne DeMilia, the longtime IFBB VP, who is bringing the prestigious title of Mr. America with him. But just as the above, these new IFBB Elite Pro (which is the new name of the international federation) card winners will have to make the same decision as their brethren overseas.

From afar, it appears that the federations will attract more people from where the show (and subsequent pro shows) will be held. By not having the same opportunities globally, the amateur and professional bodybuilding scene will become divided by borders.

Written by Joe Pietaro for musclemecca.com