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Importance of Neck Training with Julian Baldi & Nsima Inyang


Active member
Aug 6, 2021
Given that the neck supports the head, you'd think neck routines would have been part of a basic body workout for decades. Julian Baldi shows Nsima Inyang how to train neck!

To build overall neck strength and maximize hypertrophy, you need to train extension, when your head is back, and flexion, when your is head forward. You need to train rotation, when you twist your neck to look over your shoulder, and lateral flexion, when you move your head from side to side.

00:00 - Intro
02:08 - Neck Extensions
03:04 - Banded Iso Hold
04:05 - Banded Neck Extensions
05:55 - Standing Isometric Hold on Ball
07:05 - Isometric Hold Bridge on Ball
08:16 - Final Thoughts
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