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Is stress robbing you of your gains?



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Aug 13, 2022
When you aren't gaining muscle or losing fat as fast as you should be, you know you need to look for holes in your training or your diet. Pretty obvious stuff, right?

But there's something else that can dramatically – and I mean dramatically – affect your muscle-building and fat-burning progress: STRESS.

Take a guy who's hitting it hard in the gym, getting his peri-workout feedings, and making good gains. Now toss in a soul-sucking girlfriend/wife, a dickwad of a boss, and a daily traffic jam. The same dude's gains will most likely damn near screech to a halt. Here are a few strategies to beat stress before it can catabolize an ounce of your precious iron-earned lean body mass.

I guess you want to be leaner, right? How about more muscular? Well, I can help.

Here's the thing: What you need most likely has nothing to do with set/rep schemes, or the fact that your glutes aren't activated enough.

What you really need to do is... relax!

There's probably no bigger cause of decreased muscle gain and fat loss than stress physiology. Whether somewhere in the HPA axis, further up in the hippocampus, stress physiology can damage virtually everything:
the immune system, endocrine system, neurological system, and gastrointestinal system.

Stress has been extensively shown to:

Suppress pituitary function (LH, TSH)

Decrease the conversion of T4 to T3...
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