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Most successful Xbox 360 games...


Jan 2, 2010
The following are some of the most successful Xbox 360 games over the past 3 years.

7. Gears of War 2
The game is all kinds of fun. The graphics are spectacularly detailed, a highlight amongst Xbox 360 games, the combat is rich and satisfying, and the multiplayer is a source for ongoing entertainment thanks to a great mix of competitive and cooperative play modes.

6. Crackdown
Who would have ever thought that 500 green glowing orbs would become the focal point of our lives for a short period in 2007? Two years after its release, it's hard not to look back on Crackdown fondly. From the swan dive atop the Agency headquarters to the complete destruction of all of Pacific City's organized crime, Crackdown is a memorable foray into super-heroism. Its game play is unique amongst Xbox 360 games.

5. Grand Theft Auto IV
Few Xbox 360 games have effectively shut down the office during business hours, and GTA4 is one of them. Rockstar North's sequel is a beautiful depiction of the Big Apple, and the difference between GTA4 and its predecessors is vast.

4. Mass Effect
There are very few developers of Xbox 360 games that can compare to BioWare in the RPG space, and Mass Effect is a good example of why. It's a sweeping tale filled with excitement, action and fascinating alien races to learn about and interact with.

3. BioShock
In terms of story and art direction, BioShock hits a high-water mark for Xbox 360 games, that has yet to be equaled. While ostensibly a first-person shooter (the game offers incredible freedom when it comes to offering players creative ways to cause mayhem), it was really the extraordinary art direction and well-written dialogue that were the stars of the show.

2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
This game saw the return of developer Infinity Ward, which brought with it a new level of realism and storytelling for first-person shooters. A departure from past Xbox 360 games in the series, which dealt with World War II, Call of Duty 4 takes a more contemporary approach using modern weaponry and current global crises. It also introduced perks, gameplay-enhancing bonuses that could be earned through online play

1. Fallout 3
This effort by Bethesda has silenced all but the game's most die-hard critics. Everything about Fallout 3, from the amazingly designed world to the haunting score to the slow-motion head explosions of the VATS system is top-notch. Fallout 3 is less a game to be played or a problem to be solved than an entire universe to be explored. This is THE must-have amongst all Xbox 360 games.


Mecca V.I.P.
May 16, 2009
Man, I haven't played any of these games.

This one's probably the worst in 3 years (Darkest of Days):

Er, no sorry it's this one! HOUR OF VICTORY!:

So much fail.


Mecca Super-*****
Jun 5, 2007
damn those are terrible. I think the HISTORY channel made a pretty terrible game a while back.

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