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New Cycle Final Touches


New member
Dec 29, 2007
Here are the final touches to my new cycle.

I'm on week 11 of my current cycle of Sustanon/Trenbolone.
I will begin my new cycle in 2 weeks.
Until then i'm just on 750mg of Sustanon per week as i finished tren in week 10.

Week 13: (in 2 weeks) New Cycle Begins.

Dianabol 40mg per day (4 weeks)
Boldenone 400mg per week (10-20 weeks)
Test Enanthate 600mg per week (20-30 weeks)

Is there anything else i should add to my cycle?

My aim is to gain as much size and weight as possible, not caring about cutting or anything. Just need the size and weight.
I'm looking for BULK, not a bodybuilder physique.
So i'll be eating pretty much anything and everything.


New member
Nov 13, 2007
I think you should take a break in between. Whats with everyone wanting to do all these long ass cycles??

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