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Push's Cycle Talk - Esters Short Vs. Long


Mecca V.I.P.
Dec 5, 2015
Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert. I am not a chemist. These are my opinions and are not intended to offend anyone. I'm just writing from my experience.

Esters Short Vs. Long

When we talk about steroids and usage we often talk about whether we will be using short esters or long esters.
Basically Short esters act faster and leave your system sooner.
Conversely Long esters take longer to "kick in" and in turn take longer to clear your system.

When you hear guys and gals talking about cycles you will often hear terms like Propionate ( short ) or Acetate (short ) or Cypionate (long) and enanthate (long).

When choosing between running a short ester or long ester steroid you have to consider that short esters have to pinned more often than long esters because they act quick and clear the system quick. Usually short esters are pinned EOD and sometimes daily. Long Esters dont need to be pinned as much so twice a week pins are often sufficient.

When most newbies begin to research their first cycles they will be advised (and rightly so) to run long esters. This is because of the pin frequency. Twice a week is a lot easier to get used to than jumping right into EOD pins.

Now when I say long esters take longer to "kick in" I mean that it may take several weeks before you start to feel it. In my personal First Cycle I chose Testosterone Enanthate and I didn't feel it kick in until week 4. But then it will stay in your system for a couple weeks after your last pin.
Short esters can often be "felt" working within a couple days. And will usually will have cleared your system within a few days of your last pin.

Sometimes when reading cycle logs and member discussions you will see things like "I am a long ester guy" or "I prefer only running short esters"
Neither one is wrong nor right, They both have there place and are often just personal preference. That being said, If you have to be concerned with being tested and do not want anyone to know about your use than short esters are better for you in this case, as a longer ester will linger.

Some people like to run both short and long esters together, again its personal preference. One might choose to run Boldenone Undecylenate (very long ester) which could take 4-6 weeks to kick in. And use Test Propionate a short ester to get that "on" feeling sooner.

I have also heard that for cutting cycles it is better to run short esters of testosterone because you wont retain as much water as you would on a longer ester (which in theory would be better for bulking cycles) Again I'm not an expert and I won't argue either way on that topic.

Hopefully this little write up can help some newer users understand the terms somewhat better. I know that I had and still do have questions regarding AAS use all the time. I am one to ask too many questions and you should too. After all this is your body were talking about.

Thanks for reading PUSH!

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