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Push's Cycle Talk - First Cycle


Mecca V.I.P.
Dec 5, 2015
Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert. I am not a chemist. Nor am I a doctor. These are my opinions and are not intended to offend anyone. I'm just writing from my experience.

First Cycle

So you have decided to run an AAS cycle.
You have done all your research and homework and are ready to begin your first cycle.
You know what your going to run and for how long.
Hopefully you also have planned to do a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Many will recommend a test only cycle for your first run but obviously that is your call.

First things first you need to get EVERYTHING together.
Do NOT start your cycle until you have EVERYTHING on hand.

You will need:

Oils: Testosterone preferably a longer ester test (eg, cypionate or enanthate.)
Tip: Get more than you think you will need, If you plan on running a 10 week cycle (pinning twice a week) and you only get two 10ml vials of test e, then you have no room for error. Get an extra vial!

Orals: If your going to jumpstart your cycle with an oral (eg, dbol,tbol,winstrol,anavar) you will need to have them on hand.

Needles: Get extra! You do not want to stall your cycle because you didn't get enough pins for the entire run.

Aromatase Inhibitor (A.I.): Have some on hand BEFORE you begin! IF an issue pops up on cycle you will be soooo thankful that you already have an A.I. ready to go.
Tip: At a Minimum have Arimidex or Aromasin on hand. It would better if you had one of those and Novadex or Letrozole on hand also. Just in case!

PCT: Have PCT products (novadex and clomid) on hand BEFORE you start. If you have to cut your cycle short for some reason (sh*t happens) you will be thankful that you planned ahead.

Diet: Have a good diet planned while on cycle, whether you are going to bulk, recomp, cut or lean bulk you will need a diet plan. AAS will not work effectively without proper nutrition! Dont expect to eat all shit food and then wonder why your not getting quality gains!

Training Plan: Make sure you train to compliment your cycle. AAS will not work effectively without proper training. Don't train once a week and then complain about not getting gains.

Few other little tips to make your cycle easier.
Get alcohol wipes, cheap and easier to use than alcohol and cotton balls.
Get on a pinning schedule. If you plan on pinning twice a week then set a schedule like every Monday then Thursday, or Sunday and Wednesday. If you work late every monday night then maybe mondays aren't the best choice. You get the point. Have a schedule and stick to it as much as possible.
Have a plan to responsibly dispose of your needles and syringes.


Hopefully this little write up can help some newer users understand the terms and process somewhat better. I know that I had and still do have questions regarding AAS use all the time. I am one to ask too many questions and you should too. After all this is your body were talking about.

Thanks for reading PUSH!

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