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Roland Cziurlok - 1996 German Grand Prix Prejudging - VIDEO!!!


Mecca V.I.P.
Sep 24, 2006
Roland Cziurlok - 1996 German Grand Prix Prejudging - VIDEO!!!

This was Roland Cziurlok second year in the IFBB. Just like Aaron Baker, Roland was one of the most underrated bodybuilders of all-time. He had a crazy back and his conditioning was pretty good as well. His most muscular was just legendary. You could be picky and say his triceps were weak, but everything else was good enough to win many contests. I don't possibly know what the IFBB had against him, but if he was judged and placed fairly he definitely would of done some serious damage. He placed 9th at this contest with that type of physique. It just goes to show how deep the talent was in the 90's.


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