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Ron Paul confronts Condoleezza Rice


Mecca V.I.P.
Jun 12, 2007
I think, even though Ron Paul brought up very good points and put her on her toes, that she handled the question pretty well. Now if she is telling the truth, that is what we really should be wondering.

rick ramirezsublime

Well-known member
May 29, 2007
She is a liar! Past experience should be the proof! This whole Admin. are a bunch of liars! They should all be in jail for life, or worse! What about our 4500 brave men and women who died for their lies!!!. I feel like I live in 1938-45 Germany.This is our worse time in history,It's just too bad we didn't learn our lesson in Vietnam. Maybe it's because none of these maladroits ever served! GWB, was in the Nat. Guard. But, when his unit was about to be called to go, he went UA. But he became our president anyway. Also, a lesson should have been learned in 80, when the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, they became bankrupt due to the lenght of the guerilla rebellion. Sound familiar. But these guy's didn't care because their greed drove them! As, the poet once wrote,"what was sold as freedom, was just greed" And I can't stand to look at that woman, or anyone in this admin. Because I'm sick and tired of them lying to me, and thinking they're getting away with it. They lie so much they should be reincarnated as a carpet.