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Sajad Gharibi - The Iranian Hulk Bio

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Almost everyone is familiar with the Hulk, the fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe media franchise. The first impression the image of The Hulk gives is that he's too big to be considered a real man. Because, how can a human be as big as he is?

Well, the reality is upon us in the guise of Sajad Gharibi. This man could stand in the place of the fictional hulk and you'll almost not know the difference.

In this article, you're going to learn about Sajad Gharibi, the Iranian weightlifter and bodybuilder also known as the "Iranian Hulk". He earned this nickname thanks to his enormous size. And when he's not being referred to as the Iranian Hulk, he's called " The Persian Hercules". His fierce facial expression and huge body qualify him to go by either of those names.

The 31-year-old has created an excited state of agitation among fans across social networks. As a result, he has been able to gather almost a million followers on his Instagram. On his Instagram page, you'll find various pictures of him displaying his bare body.

You'll also find videos of him working out and training with his trainers. It's amazing how what is only achievable in fictional movies can be seen in real life. Sajad can lift up to 386 Ibs(175 kg). This is heavy enough to break the backbones of an average man. He participates in powerlifting competitions, both national and international ones.

But how does he lift the 386 Ibs? Is that his Deadlift weight? Squat? Bench Press? He didn't fully specify how he lifts the 386 Ibs. If he lifts that to train just his biceps, then he's considerably strong. It is also equally impressive if that's his bench press too. However, it would be disappointing if he carried 386 Ibs for deadlift or squat weight considering how big and strong he is, he should be able to do better.

Gharibi takes the opportunity of every chance he gets to show off his impressive and massive build on his social media account. And that has made him become a celebrity and an internet sensation. When he started posting, his followers increased from a mere 59,000 to 108,000 within just a few weeks. He posted consistently, and during that time, he also increased in size too and currently he boasts of 992,000 followers on his Instagram.

While some people's jaws still drop from the power that his body exudes, others are still having the conception that his pictures are photoshopped.

Sajad is fond of posting his photos with different hashtags like #strongman, #strongbody and #powerful. In one of his posts, he sends a warning to Triple H to be ready for him. He revealed his ambition to take on professional wrestling and this doesn't come as a surprise to anyone. His strong body, his strength and his high level of confidence are a pointer that he may have a successful career as a professional WWE fighter.

Sajad Gharibi Early Life​

Sajad Gharibi was born on the 19th of December 1991, and he is currently 31 years old. Sajad was born to Persian parents and he practices the Islamic religion. Although he shares a lot of videos and photos of himself on social media, there's still no concrete information about his immediate family.

Coming to his educational background, Sajad is quite learned and educated. He completed his high school studies at a private school and he furthered his higher education at Azad university in Bushehr. He graduated with a degree in commerce from Azad university.

Since his childhood, Sajad had always wanted to be a bodybuilder. Although he wasn't this big in his childhood, he was quite taller than most of his peers. It seems he was blessed with the right genetics and he was lucky to discover his passion in time. He started to engage in different workouts at a young age. He also trained for weightlifting and he practised martial arts too.

Over the years, he has improved a lot with his training and this is evident in the huge structure of his body. Now, there's no way he can walk on the streets without gathering attention and leaving a lot of jaws dropping in his wake.

Sajad Gharibi Career​

Sajad can be considered a bodybuilder, professional powerlifter, weightlifter and MMA fighter. He hasn't participated in any bodybuilding competitions yet. However, has engaged in interesting competitions.

Sajad Gharibi is 6 feet 2 inches tall and he weighs 385 pounds. So it was quite hilarious when the UFC star, Brian Ortega challenged Sajad to a fight in the MMA ring. Ortega swore that he would smash Sajad in the ring despite weighing 240 pounds less than the Iranian Hulk.

The Iranian Hulk had already accepted a challenge against Britain's Martyn Ford, however, the deal was cancelled. Sajad also announced on his social media that he was going to fight the Brazilian Hulk– Romario dos Santos Alves. He announced publicly on his Instagram post saying, "I’m finally accepting my first professional fight against a Brazilian fighter."

Also, Sajad volunteered to join the fight against ISIS in Syria sometime in 2016. He made it known that he couldn't stand by watching his country being taken over by terrorists. In his own words, he said: "I'm a defender of my country, first. I want to thank General Soleimani and all the soldiers who lost their lives in Syria. They are my heroes." This shows that he not only cares about fame and career success, but he's also a patriot who cares about the safety of his country and its citizens.

Apart from being a fighter, bodybuilder and powerlifter, The Iranian Hulk has also proved himself in the acting industry. He has featured in different Iranian movies and he performed excellently in all of them.

He is a man of various talents and he proved himself to be more than capable of bearing all the responsibilities that come with being the Iranian Hulk.

Sajad Gharibi Relationship Status​

Considering his monstrous size, it'll be understandable if he can't find anyone willing to settle down and build a home with him. But every beast always finds a beauty that can tame them when no one else can. Sajad is happily married and his union is blessed with a son.

However, for reasons best known to him, Sajad has kept all information about his wife and son from social media. It seems he likes to keep his life private which is commendable as social media affects a family either positively or negatively.

Sajad Gharibi Body Measurement​

Famous for his monster-sized body and strength, he is popularly called the Iranian Hulk or the Persian Hercules. Sajad stands at a height of 6ft 2inches. He weighs approximately 175kg. His body measurement is 55-45-39 inches. His huge biceps sums up to about 21 inches.

The Iranian Hulk

Social Media and Net worth​

The Iranian Hulk has an official account on Instagram. Instagram seems to be the only social media platform where he is active. Currently, he has almost a million active followers on Instagram.

Sajad has made some earnings from his career but there's no information on the breakdown of his wealth. However, his net worth is around $2 million.

Interesting facts about Sajad Gharibi​

  • Sajad loves to post videos and photos of himself on his social media. He often posts shirtless photos to show off his humongous body. He also has a habit of standing beside smaller things to accentuate his size in pictures. Sometimes he poses beside smaller cars or he places a can of drink beside him to show how big he is and how small the objects are.

  • Sajad has an undying love for children as there are different photos of him on his Instagram carrying and playing with kids.

  • His hobbies include working out in the gym, driving, playing video games and travelling.

  • Gharibi, just like other bodybuilders, loves food. According to him, whenever he's training, he eats 11 different special meals per day. But when he's not training, he eats only 7 meals every day.

  • Sajad is also a philanthropist. He often takes time out of his busy schedule to visit children's hospitals and he always supports them financially. He also speaks to them, admonishes them and encourages them to fight the hardship they're going through.

  • In 2016, Sajad was ready to lay down his life fighting against ISIS. He professes that he's a son of the land and a defender of the country. And so he couldn't let terrorists kill and slaughter his people under his watch.

  • Sajad is a supporter of Hassan Rouhani(the Seventh president of Iran) and he also supports his party, the Moderation and Development Party.

Sajad Gharibi iranian hulk

On a final note;​

As seen with Sajad Ghabiri the Iranian Hulk, not all heroes wear capes. Although Sajad has his big body size and strength to his advantage, courage is not determined by that.

Sajad is a strong, courageous and ambitious young man who is likely to have a bright future in WWE. There's not much to be said about this man other than his good virtues are worthy of emulation.