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Vilius Jokužys Emerges Victorious: 2024 Strongest Man in Iceland Results

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MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
In the heart of Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, the 2024 Strongest Man in Iceland competition unfolded, showcasing the awe-inspiring strength and resilience of ten elite Strongman athletes over two intense days of competition. This gripping event, held on June 1-2, brought together Iceland's finest to battle it out in eight grueling tests of strength, culminating in the crowning of a deserving champion, Vilius Jokužys.

Dominance Displayed: Vilius Jokužys Reigns Supreme​

Out of the gate, Vilius Jokužys set the tone for his exceptional performance by clinching victory in four out of the eight events, a testament to his sheer power and unwavering determination. Not content with merely securing wins, Jokužys also delivered consistently high placements across all events, solidifying his lead with an impressive 6-point advantage by the competition's conclusion.

Vilius Jokužys Emerges Victorious: 2024 Strongest Man in Iceland

Final Standings:​

  1. Vilius Jokužys — 73.5 points
  2. Kristján Níelsson — 67.5 points
  3. Hilmar Örn Jónsson — 60.5 points
  4. Kári Kristófer Elíasson — 53.5 points
  5. Símon Pétur Kummer — 41.5 points
  6. Guðmundur Helgason — 35 points
  7. Ísleifur Orri Arngrímsson — 34 points
  8. Alexander Andersen — 25.5 points
  9. Ólafur Haukur Tómasson — 20 points
  10. Andrej Pelko — 18 points

Event Breakdown: Unveiling the Trials of Strength​

Event One — Sandbag Toss​

The competition kicked off with a test of agility and power as athletes tackled six sandbags, ranging from 18 to 28 kilograms, hurling them over a 4.30-meter beam with lightning speed. Vilius Jokužys demonstrated unparalleled prowess, tossing all six sandbags with remarkable efficiency in a mere 39.58 seconds, securing an early lead.

Event Two — Front Hold​

Endurance took center stage in the second event, as competitors grappled with a 24-kilogram Hammer, extending their arms in a grueling battle against fatigue. Kristján Níelsson showcased remarkable fortitude, maintaining his hold for 47.16 seconds, closely followed by Jokužys with an impressive 40.23-second display.

Event Three — Medley​

Continuing the onslaught, athletes faced a daunting 20-meter Farmer’s Carry followed by a Yoke Carry spanning the same distance, bearing 120 and 400 kilograms respectively. Jokužys reaffirmed his dominance, blazing through the course in a staggering 27.56 seconds, leaving his rivals in his wake.

Event Four — Max Deadlift​

Strength reigned supreme as competitors vied to establish their one-rep max on the Deadlift, with Kristján Níelsson and Hilmar Örn Jónsson emerging victorious with a formidable 380 kilograms. Jokužys displayed unwavering resolve, deadlifting an impressive 360 kilograms, solidifying his contention.

Event Five — Overhead Medley​

In a test of raw power, athletes grappled with five implements, with Níelsson emerging triumphant, locking out all five with remarkable speed. Jokužys trailed closely, hoisting four implements in a display of sheer strength and determination.

Event Six — Vertical Lift​

Challenging the limits of strength, competitors engaged in an arm-over-arm vertical lift, with Jokužys once again asserting his dominance, scaling an impressive 9 meters in just 36.20 seconds.

Event Seven — Truck Pull​

In a titanic struggle against a mammoth 13,000-kilogram Truck, Jokužys surged ahead, crossing the finish line in 26.48 seconds, further cementing his status as the frontrunner.

Event Eight — Tire Flip​

Rounding out the competition, athletes grappled with a 400-kilogram tire, with Jokužys delivering a stellar performance, clinching second place and securing his title as the 2024 Strongest Man in Iceland.

A Triumph of Strength: Vilius Jokužys' Journey​

For Vilius Jokužys, this victory marks a significant milestone in his Strongman career, heralding a new era of potential and possibility. With three International and six National competitions under his belt since 2021, this triumph serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

In conclusion, the 2024 Strongest Man in Iceland competition stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of strength and resilience that defines the sport of Strongman. Through grit, determination, and unparalleled skill, Vilius Jokužys has emerged as a true champion, etching his name in the annals of Strongman history.

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