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What happened to Paul Dillett?



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Aug 17, 2021
2:00 - How do bodybuilders (like Hadi Choopan) attain and maintain such a tiny waist?
5:05 - Supplements for shoulder issues? BPC?
9:15 - Most important markers to look for in blood work?
13:02 - What can you recommend to ease the bloating and digestive issues from eating 5 times a day? Is betaine hcl with pepsin good or do you reccomend any other digestive enzymes? Really don't know how you bodybuilders eat so much.
16:00 - Dave on his time on the set of the Batman movie in the 90's.
19:05 - Is this the year CBUM loses his Classic Physique Olympia title?
20:32 - When is the last deep tissue massage you should get prior to competition?
21:05 - Dave's thoughts on Patrick Moore.
23:05 - Any truth to the notion that taking an antihistamine for hayfever can inhibit muscle growth?
24:05 - Prime Phil Heath vs. 2020 Big Ramy - who wins?
26:55 - Dave, your thoughts on muscle growth, performance, health, and longevity using products daily or cycled such as antibiotics, antivirals, and immuno modulators? Rapamycin is popular for longevity but inhibits mtor. However, many in the longevity crowd promote high protein and fitness also with rapamycin. Dave, you take valtrex daily. What have you noticed from yourself and others in regards to taking various products and the positives and negatives. Hope that makes some sense.
30:13 - Can I eat right before or after an HGH shot?
31:44 - UV light against your 'balls' or 'crack' for increased testosterone production?
32:56 - I'm always amazed when I see current pics and videos of Paul Dillett. How can someone that was one of the freakiest bodybuilders to grace the stage, now look like he never picked up a weight in his life. I know that muscles atrophy if not used, but the before and after in his case is incredible. Is that just genetics? I know many people that stopped bodybuilding and don't lift anymore yet still have a base structure that shows some athleticism.


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