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Who is Illia Golem? Exploring the Person Behind the Buzz



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Aug 7, 2023
Illia Golem is one of the personalities that proves that getting lean and fit doesn't come with age. He is a 340-pound man who towers over everyone around him thanks to his 6-foot-1 height, 25-inch arms, and 61-inch chest. You may not have heard of him yet, but knowing his background will inspire you.

This guy from the Czech Republic has garnered significant attention in recent years for his monstrous physique. He has taken the fitness industry by storm, achieving feats of strength and shape that leave both novices and seasoned bodybuilders in sheer amazement.

This article will delve into the world of Illam "Golem" Yefimchyk, uncovering the secrets to his success and the life story behind his rise to fame.

Illia Golem picture

Personal Background​

Illia "Golem" Yefimchyk is a bodybuilder from the Czech Republic. He is famous for his massive size and ripped body profile. Golem was born on April 23, 1988, in Prague. Specific details about Illam Yefimchyk's family background are not readily available since he keeps his personal life private.

The nickname "Golem" didn't come by chance. Illam's friends and peers bestowed this moniker upon him due to his uncanny resemblance to the mythical creature of Jewish folklore - a being of immense strength and resilience. The name stuck, and Illam "Golem" Yefimchyk embraced it as a symbol of his incredible strength and determination.

Although he was already 6 feet tall at age 15, he weighed 150 pounds and could not perform even a push-up. When he was a younger man, he preferred to spend his time skiing, cycling, and playing tennis rather than engaging in bodybuilding.

Because of this, he had to attend the gym, but he lacked anyone who could provide him with adequate training. He had no sources for training–no books, magazines, or internet to look up. Still, he and his friends utilized bench presses, exercise machines, and a punching bag in a small gym.

He admired The Terminator and Rambo and wanted to be as big as Hulk. Though he only gained 20 pounds initially, it was a milestone. He did not look like a bodybuilder, yet he felt like one.

Illia Golem muscle

Illia Golem's Diet, Training, and Progress​

Illia Golem consumes an enormous quantity of food daily to sustain such a physique and continue growing to an even greater size. He consumes a total of 16,500 calories every day to maintain and further develop the massive figure he already possesses. Golem eats lean meats, oats, and pasta or rice to fulfill his calorie needs. After grueling workouts, he can recuperate and put on muscle faster with the support of macronutrients from these foods.

To maintain his physique, Golem follows a particular training style. It can be any exercise with six sets of up to 20 reps. Sometimes, he trains like a bodybuilder, while on other days, he trains like a powerlifter. His strength is evident in his YouTube videos, where he does 100 pounds of dumbbell curls, one-hand hammer lat pull-down of seven sets with up to 20 reps, and squats of up to 700 max.

Through consistent training and a protein-rich diet, Golem has achieved significant muscle growth, carving out a physique that commands attention. His commitment to progressive overload has translated into remarkable strength gains, allowing him to lift heavier weights with each passing day.

Golem has preserved a lean and sculpted body composition thanks to controlled nutrition and strenuous training.



Career in the Fitness Industry​

Golem's interest in building his muscles didn't stop when he was studying. While on his first semester in economics, he knew his future belonged to fitness. Little did he know that he would have his gym after four years. Though people discouraged him from opening Eagle Fitness, he pursued establishing it and later became a hardcore one, having IFBB pros like Milan Sadek and Lukas Osladil.

His career and fame started when he received a message from Ed Connors, the Gold's Gym franchise president. A few months after this contact, Golem grabbed the opportunity and transferred to Miami. He had to adjust his way of living in his new home since he always felt sick during winter.

Opportunities opened for Golem, and he became more famous in the United States. However, he had no interest in competing on stage. According to Golem, he's more interested in empowering and motivating people.

Contributions & Impact​

Recognizing the significance of nutrition, Golem played a pivotal role in educating his followers about the importance of a balanced diet. He demystified complex nutritional concepts, making them accessible to all. His dietary and training approach emphasized functional fitness, strength, and overall well-being.

As a fitness influencer, Golem's words and actions were a wellspring of motivation for many. His mentorship extended beyond workouts, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and stay committed to their goals. Through his guidance, he has enabled individuals to shed excess weight, gain muscle, and embrace healthier lifestyles.

Through the power of social media and online platforms, Golem's message reached a global audience. His workouts, advice, and motivational content have resonated with fitness enthusiasts worldwide. His advocacy for progress serves as a driving force for both seasoned athletes and newcomers.

Public Perception​

Illia Golem is a polarizing figure in the bodybuilding community. Some people admire him for his strength and his dedication to fitness. Others criticize him for his enormous size and muscular physique.

He has lately uploaded a video on his use of steroids, which has caused quite a stir on the internet. People liked him for being honest, especially compared to other bodybuilders who deny using steroids but end up testing positive when tested. Though he used steroids, he frequently advised new bodybuilders to avoid performance-enhancing drugs since they may cause severe health issues.

Golem maintains a strong presence on Instagram and YouTube, regularly posting workout videos, fitness tips, and motivational content. His Instagram account serves as a platform for connecting with his followers and sharing his fitness expertise. At the same time, his YouTube provides workout videos and other content.

Influences & Inspirations​

Golem looked up at Arnold Swarchenegger and Sylvester Stallone as a child. These renowned fitness icons were his inspiration for building his physique. He admired both personalities for their dedication to fitness and their success in bodybuilding. Golem believes they are role models for anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals.

He also respects Rich Piana since they have the same goals–to motivate and change people's lives for the better. According to Golem, he doesn't look at the muscles of a bodybuilder. Instead, he looks at their hard work, self-sacrifice, and belief in themselves.

Public Appearances​

Though he did not join any bodybuilding competitions, he appeared in the Arnold Classic in Spain. Golem was a total unknown, but some lines went around the event, eager to meet him and take their photo. According to him, "Some of them knew me from Instagram. Everyone told me I looked much bigger in person, which made me happy."

Other events he attended for his sponsorship with 5% Nutrition were the LA Fit Expo, BodyPower, and FIBO.

Personal Life​

Illia Golem maintains a high level of privacy regarding his personal life and the people in it, but he considers himself a cat dad and has a pet named Arnold. On the other hand, he is well-known for maintaining solid relationships with friends. He regularly uploads photographs of them to his various social media profiles.

His most common hobby is bodybuilding, which he trains six days a week. Golem also enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures. He has visited many countries worldwide and is always looking for new places to visit.

Current Projects or Future Plans​

Today, Illia Golem is one of the well-known endorsers of 5% Nutrition. It is a company that sells supplements and apparel for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. He continues to be the brand's ambassador and promotes its products on his social media platforms and videos.

Golem also promotes MNX, a fitness apparel for athletes for sports excellence. This partnership helped him reach a wider audience since MNX does not only cater to bodybuilders but any types of athletes as well. He also launched his clothing line called Golem Sports Wear in 2022. It features collections of gym clothes for athletes and bodybuilders.

He provides all-inclusive training services for bodybuilders of all levels in the Czech Republic. He does this in Eagle Fitness gym, which he opened when starting his career. Aspiring and pro bodybuilders can get sample training and coaching from Golem.


Illia Golem is a prominent figure in the fitness industry, especially in social media. He is using his platform to make a difference and inspire others. While specific personal details about his life and interests are often kept private, his influence on fitness remains widely recognized. His dedication and motivational approach have inspired countless individuals to pursue healthier lifestyles and reach their fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Did Illia Golem win bodybuilding competitions?

Illia Golem was interested in something other than joining bodybuilding competitions. However, he publicly appeared at some events due to his partnership with 5% Nutrition.

What was his career before transferring to Miami?

Golem was a typical bodybuilder who took a course in economics but realized that his life belonged to the gym. Later, he established Eagle Fitness, where he coached and trained aspiring bodybuilders.

How did Illam Yefimchyk earn the nickname "Golem"?

His friends and peers gave him the nickname due to his resemblance to the legendary creature known for its immense strength.

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