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    Ben White Signs Contract

    From www.prosource.net

    The Item: Supplement Co. Contract Signing

    The Scoop: Just Announced: IFBB Pro Ben White signs a multi-year exclusive supplement endorsement contract with Team Nutrabolics. "We are thrilled to welcome Ben White to the Nutrabolics family," says Rodney Dupont, President of Nutrabolics. "He is an exceptional individual with unparalleled athletic abilities and a true passion for the sport of bodybuilding."

    White will make his debut as a pitchman for the Canada-based brand at the Nutrabolics booth at the Arnold Classic Expo (March 6-8). "I am very happy to be part of such a great team of athletes," says White. "As everyone knows I took the whole 2008 off to work on improving and perfecting my physique. I have made great strides and gains and I look forward to competing in the 2009 IFBB schedule in the best shape of my career."

    The "So What?": The 5'8", 250-pound New York native dubbed "ShowStopper" was the talk in bodybuilding circles when he fulfilled his own prophecy and became the 2007 NPC USA Overall Champion. He then loudly predicted victory at his pro debut contest, but fell short and placed 6th at the 2008 New York Pro. Andrew Oye's verdict: Though the word is White's hyperbolic bravado was a pro-boxing-style publicity stunt to drum-up hype, for his next stop on the Muscle Stage - the 2009 New York Pro - he might want to just let the titles do the talking

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    came off as a dick to me whether it was a PR stunt or not
    not a fan of someone who goes around thinking how good he is.


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    thanks! im a big fan of ben white

    his dense thickness is unbelievable :D
    great shape to boot




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