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    the Texas Crazy Horse will bring some much needed excitement to the stale HW division


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    Team Heath #2!!!!!

    I'm more than excited to see him tonight.

    Stand or fall, but choose.

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    yeah..seeing heath againwill be great.. IMO.. he went as close to beating fedor as anyone has.. (not saying he almost won.. just he didnt get raped.. untill the end)..

    Also Dean vs Nate is a good one.. My moneys on Nate..

    Real eyes realize real lies

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    I think Eddie Sanchez has a good chance of beating Crocop..

    if he dies his hair blonde.

    Think about it.......


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    Mecca V.I.P. fallen's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by JS316
    I think Eddie Sanchez has a good chance of beating Crocop..

    if he dies his hair blonde.

    Think about it.......
    i thought bout it but nah not happening

    I am untamed, I need a leash
    I am insane, I need a shrink
    I love brain, I need a leech

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    so far Marquardt and Franca have won, crazy horse is up next i believe


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    omg Heath Herring lost...fuck me sideways


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    oooo brap Rashad just pwnzored Salmon hardcore


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    Rashad is finally fighting to win, not just to not lose. I'm firmly in his camp now, which is the first real turn I've had concerning a fighter in recent memory. I was a vocal critic of his when he was eeking out decisions left and right, but he's really evolving into a very complete fighter at this point. That high kick was beyond brutal, almost Mirko-quality when you break it down. A picture perfect knockout Although I'll give some major credit to Salmon, as he really established himself well in round one. He dominated Rashad, but his gassing in round two was what really did him in, I believe.

    That wasn't Heath. I don't know where he was, but he'll be back soon.

    Props to Ed, as that was a beautiful submission. Good to see him back on track.

    Aside from that, I haven't watched the rest of the event yet; just got back from work. Look forward to seeing the rest though.


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    Junior Member Rob Roy's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    Herring MacDonald fight was slightly less than exciting. herring with zero takedown defense. Bitching about MacDonald stalling. This is MMA, it is scored on points. Would loved to have seen some throwing gloves though.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainCharisma

    ^For a change, and not a moment too soon. Like I said, I'm a fan now, 'cause I definitely wasn't one of his before.

    BTW, which Japan-only SF game is your Cro-Cop avatar from, CC? Or is it a custom gif?


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    i have no idea about my avi lol, i jacked it from another mma forum


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    Quote Originally Posted by JS316
    I think Eddie Sanchez has a good chance of beating Crocop..

    if he dies his hair blonde.

    Think about it.......

    I see my lame joke went above everyones heads..

    what 3 things do Michael Mcdonald, Kevin Randleman and Mark Hunt have in common?

    And thanx for the updates from Fight night guys


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    Quote Originally Posted by JS316
    I see my lame joke went above everyones heads..

    what 3 things do Michael Mcdonald, Kevin Randleman and Mark Hunt have in common?

    And thanx for the updates from Fight night guys
    blonde hair is Cro Cops weakness

    Sanchez has blonde hair btw...


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    funniest part of last night

    he deserved to get KOed for that


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    I liked Rogan's little 'lose style points on that one' comment to Randy

    Plus, is it just me, or was Salmon a bit of a chunky LHW? Middleweight might be what he should shoot for, al'la Josh Haynes.


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    Cro Cop Interview

    Quote Quote
    It was a long three months for Japanese Pride fans between the September 10th GP final and UFC's New Years broadcast.
    Mirko: "I have no excuses to make for going to the UFC. I have been to Japan 42 times. My feelings for Pride will never change."
    After winning the GP belt and anticipation for a rematch with Fedor, why did you decide to leave Pride?

    Mirko: "There was really alot of things going on. I think I will have to talk about it all some day. On the day of the GP final I turned 32 and thought I had to make some decisions. What was important that day were the people who have cheered and supported me.

    What I wanted was for those people who have supported to me to think: "Pride's Mirko, who we have supported showed his strength and won". ....I do not think that this is a permanent farewell to Pride."
    What do you mean? Is not your contract with the UFC for two years and 6 fights?

    Mirko: " That is a little inaccurate. It is for six fights, but I have no plans for it taking two years."
    Maybe you are right, at your pace it might take just a little over a year.

    Mirko:" Three fights."

    Mirko: "I will be the UFC champion in three matches."

    That's great but would the UFC's president Dana White let you have a title match within three fights?

    Mirko:" Actually he(Dana White) was going to match me up with Tim Sylvia. I guess Tim ran away(laughing). Right now I am very hungry. I want to fight every 2 and a half to three months. I want to have the belt by the summer and have a fight in the fall, then fight in Japan on New Years."
    In Japan?

    Mirko:" Yes. Pride and the UFC are rival organizations, but I think I can bring them together. You will have Pride's Champion Fedor and UFC champion and Pride Open weight Champion me. This is my real hope."

    That would be a big event. How do you feel about Fedor?

    Mirko:"I will never forget our fight. I have no excuses, that fight was a total defeat for me. There might be other fights that I have excuses for losing. That day in August 2005 in Saitama I have no excuses for. To me "that summer" has still not ended."

    That means you cannot lose in the UFC

    Mirko:" That is true. One reason for not staying in the UFC was inspired by Fedor."
    What do you mean?

    Mirko:" When Pride had their show in Las Vegas last October, Fedor fought Mark Coleman. It was an away fight for Fedor right? Despite that the American fans embraced this Russian, Fedor. This really surprised me.

    Until that point I had thought that America was a country only concerned with what goes on within their borders. How can you say?...They look inward. Their own countrymen. At that fight

    I thought that America's mma had opened up. That mma was no longer a minor sport. Before the show I went to Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Remember I said I wanted to go there when I first started mma(this is addressed to the interviewer)? There was a party held by American Croations. About 500 people.

    There were alot of families. Alot of children Iwan's(Mirko's 3 year old son, sorry I do not know if it is spelled correctly) age. They had heard that I was a "star" in Croatia. They asked what kind of martial arts? America does not know what Pride is. They all asked about the UFC. "

    How come you do not fight in the UFC?", I was at a loss. Soon the parents of these children were saying to me " Please show America what Croatia is." In Japan I was able to help Japanese understand more of Croatia.

    Most Americans do not know where Croatia is. At that moment I thought I can be the one to help Americans understand our country. The UFC has high PPV numbers. That moment in Los Angeles served as a big inspiration to me. Right now in America there is a alot of money going around in the mma business. Not just Bodog. The UFC says they spend 100 million towards mma."
    1.2 billion yen?!

    Mirko:" But it isn't just about the money. No matter how much money you have I do not think you can beat the UFC. They have the fans, good promotion, connected to the mass media. Only one problem. I think my country men will have some problems."

    MIrko:" My fights in Japan that were broadcast in Croatia were usually on Sunday and in the middle of tha day. Now they will be broadcast at four in the morning on Sunday(grinning). I get people saying to me " can't you do something about that?"."


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