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    theres a rumor going around right now, strictly a **RUMOR** that Shogun Rua has 2 fights left on his PRIDE contract and after it is up he's signing to have 2 fights in the UFC...pretty interesting


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    oh and also there is a huge rumor that Zuffa has/is close to buying PRIDE, a figure has been given ($65 million) and supposedly the announcement will come sometime next week (if its true) also it should be noted that if indeed Zuffa has bought PRIDE that alot of the international fighters contracts will not automatically come with the purchase of PRIDE, PRIDE fighter contracts are structured in a way that if the company were to be sold/cease to exist they would then become free agents


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    This is all theoretical, of course, but where else would they go? The IFL is not receptive to a huge influx of fighters, and the UFC is the largest name in America by far. KOTC, ROTR, and GC would probably be drooling at this, but their exposure is so laughable that the big names would pass them right by.

    Although if Dana does get said brand, maintaining it as a seperate entity with cross-promotional fights sounds like a huge moneymaker to me

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    Theres still BoDog and EliteXC, they may be newer orgs but they have alot of money. But most likley i think alot of the better fighters will end up in UFC, its just alot more exposure.


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    Mecca V.I.P. fallen's Avatar
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    Well I had read that the brothers wtf there names are were the one's buying Pride and that Dana would have nothing to do with it at all and it would be ran seperate except some cross fights

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    You mean the Fertittas. Ya their the ones who own Zuffa, which owns UFC. Essentially their Dana's bosses. It's believed that most likely they won't buy PRIDE as a company, rather instead buy assets of PRIDE (video library, contracts, brand name, etc) that makes more sense from a business view point, because if they bought the entire company they would have to deal with the MASSIVE amount of debt that PRIDE is in.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Meltzer - Wrestling Observer
    --Nobuyuki Sakakibara yesterday told several members of the U.S. Pride staff that the company is in the proces of being sold to Lorenzo & Frank Fertitta. He said the agreement in principal is done but there are still some minor points to be worked out and the contract is not signed. Sakakibara said he would be leaving the company but that everyone would be keeping their jobs. The company would be operated separately from UFC, but obviously UFC could use any Pride fighter for a big match that it needed.
    Something is definatley up. It may not really be a buyout, but theres waaaaaayyyy too many rumors from different sources going around. To offer an analogy, with this much smoke theres gotta be a fire somewhere.


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    some of the PRIDE FC footage has been removed from youtube by Zuffa...


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    Looks like it's for real


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    i really hope this is true, and that the UFC scoop up a good majority if not all of the top fighters from PRIDE, that would mean we get to see a ton of dream matches and we can finally have set rankings in MMA....that so would reek of awesomeness


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    Mecca V.I.P. fallen's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    it would be great if it all works out good but i think keeping them seperate is a great idea and maybe only have a few "dream" matches


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    Crossovers would be huge. Pride vs. UFC cards would draw in insane amounts of money, and maintaining two seperate labels would allow for the development of a lot more fighters. One can hope


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    their gonna remain seperate, have PRIDE take Asia, Europe etc, and have UFC take N/S America and England, and the plan is to promote world class fights every now and then, which i think still is for the best


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    ^^I agree completely


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    i just realised something about Fedor possibly being in the UFC...can you guys imagine Fedor with ELBOWS!!!! Add the cage to that....i cant even begin to imagine wtf he'll do to the HW's in the UFC...its a scary thought


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    TUF 6 seems to be pure WW tryouts...which could mean GSP + Matt Hughes as coaches with them fighting at the end...thats so ill, i hope it happens


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    Its Official

    Quote Originally Posted by MMAWeekly

    The Japanese newspapers reported today in Tokyo, Japan that the UFC has bought Pride. The UFC/Pride rumor has been circulating for awhile, but the deal appears to be done. One of the newspapers in Japan, SportsHochi, reported that the Fertittas, who owns Zuffa which operates the UFC, will start a new company thus disbanding DSE(Dream Stage Entertainment, which has been the company that Pride has operated under). DSE/Pride President Nobuyuki Sakikabara, who brought Pride to the United States and was successful in making the Pride brand one of the most compelling MMA promotions in the world, is reportedly resigning from his position.

    The new company that Pride will operate under apparently will not be run by UFC or Zuffa, but will be it's own entity owned by the Fertittas. Thus Pride and the UFC being run separately. But, it is being reported that the two promotions will do a joint super show once a year. SportsHochi reports that Pride 34 on 4/8 will be the last Pride show run by DSE.

    So will Pride be a Japanese or a United States promotion? Apparently, Pride looks to continue to do shows in both Japan and the United States. Intentions are to still have the Light Weight Grand Prix starting in May. The GP being made up of 3 shows, all taking place in Japan. And, the New Years Eve show is still in the plans to take place in Japan. There are also plans to do 2-3 more shows in the United States this year.

    There will be a press conference held in Tokyo, Japan at the Roppongi Hills Arena on Tuesday 3/27 which will be open to the press and fans alike.


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    thanx for the update

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