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    Melvin Guillaird tested positve for cocaine


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    Mecca V.I.P. fallen's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainCharisma
    Melvin Guillaird tested positve for cocaine
    no shit? lol thats crazy he still got his ass whooped

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    Probably due to his booger sugar, no doubt His shots were inches from Joe's face, which was laughable. Stevenson tagged him with that solid strike, and Melvin just flailed a few....guess his depth perception was shot

    I actually loved the show, as it really pounded home the fact to those unaware that Tito is a spoiled, self-centered joke. I loved Dana's line concerning he and Chuck; "He and I are like this(fingers twined) after all these years, and he had a lot more to complain about than Tito ever did. That should tell you something..." Makes Tito's crappy little act on TUF3 even more transparent.

    Another bad thing was that he made his entire camp look like poser idiots as well. They're all putting these little 'Dana better stay in the corner' plugs in, and their little boss doesn't even show up for the weigh-ins

    Stand or fall, but choose.

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    when Sugar beats Tito it'll be so funny, theres nothing left for him then, this is what Tito gets for taking advice from Jenna Jameson...i mean come on dude, just look at her face, does stupid decisions on plastic surgery alone should tell you shes not exactly the right person to come to for advice


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    I honestly could see Rashad shutting Tito down. If he presses his standup, I could see him taking him out. It's just like Liddell said, "Just rain the strikes standing. Tito doesn't like that, and he'll cover right up." If Ortiz does take the fall, it'll be a semi-sad exclamation point really indicating how far he's fallen lately.


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    well he was never that good anyway, i mean Tito only beat 2nd rate guys or guys that hadn't hit their prime yet (Wandy) or guys that had obviously lost it (Vitor, i think Vitor won their fight easily by the way)


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    Matt Lindland is fighting Fedor soon, im reading the play by play, since im not gonna order a Russian ppv...i swear if Matt Lindland wins...like i will shit my pants until i die


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    theres like no play by play anywhere, everyones waiting for the results (its the last fight) its probably going on right now...fuck


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    Fedor beats Lindland by armbar at 2:58 of the first round


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    i guess Fedor is immune to the underdog curse so far this year...that guy really is the king of kings


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    Thanx for the result update CC!
    Lol at the shit your pants till you die..lool..guess your safe

    I agree on the Tito v Vitor decision too... I had Vitor on that one aswell... he defenately would have won if they did pride scoring

    Real eyes realize real lies

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    PRIDEs Lightweight Grand Prix has been postponed, as im sure everyone knows, but here is what seems to be the current schedule for the next couple of UFC and PRIDE events:

    Quote Quote
    After the sudden announcement that the Opening Round of the PRIDE Lightweight GP (scheduled for 5.20) would be postponed, Nobuhiko Takada divulged plans from here on. Takada revealed that the first event under PRIDE FC Worldwide would take place in June - PRIDE.35 in California.

    The Lightweight GP Opening Round will take place in Nagoya on 7.16.07, and the Second Round and Final Round will take place in September and November, respectively.


    So the short-term PRIDE/UFC schedule looks something like this:
    04.05.07 - UFN (Stephenson, Florian, Guillard)
    04.07.07 - UFC69 (Koscheck, Sanchez, Serra, St. Pierre, Cummo, Huerta, Davis)
    04.08.07 - PRIDE.34 (Aoki)
    04.21.07 - UFC70 (none)
    05.20.07 - PRIDE Lightweight GP Opening Round (postponed)
    05.26.07 - UFC71 (Thomas, Parisyan)
    06.10.07 - PRIDE.35*
    06.16.07 - UFC72
    06.23.07 - TUF5 Finale (Penn, Pulver)
    07.07.07 - UFC73
    07.16.07 - PRIDE Lightweight GP Opening Round
    08.25.07 - UFC74
    09.30.07 - PRIDE Lightweight GP Second Round
    11.18.07 - PRIDE Lightweight GP Final Round*
    12.31.07 - PRIDE Otoko Matsuri
    Will PRIDE.36 take place in August? Will the winner of BJ/Jens be thrown into the 2nd Rd of the GP? I think the PRIDE & UFC matchmakers have their hands full.
    Looks like the LWGP starts up again in June in Cali


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    Mecca V.I.P. fallen's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    All i know is i can't wait till the first "super show" it will be great


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    have anyone seen any kevin randleman fights lately

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natureboypkr
    have anyone seen any kevin randleman fights lately

    this is the latset pic of him... so doesn't look like he's fighting anytime soon


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    fuck man...that kidney isse he had really messed him up


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    He looks like a screwed up Eddie Murphy

    So I have a line on possibly training with Jeremy Horn for my fight in May. Yeah, I'm freaking out a little bit about that


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    damn man...Jeremy Horn, thats a huge privilige right there...you got any details on your upcoming fight?


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