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    ^true, i totally spaced on that


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    Mecca V.I.P. fallen's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Glad they made that match really like watching the lw division

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minchinator View Post
    Tim actually gave the title up before having it stripped, he was honest about his mistake and did not try to fight it or deny it.
    Moves like that make it even more unfortunate that Tim has turned into a gigantic douche-puppet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by onebigeric View Post
    Moves like that make it even more unfortunate that Tim has turned into a gigantic douche-puppet.
    does anyone actually know why they actually dislike Tim.. I know I dont like him, but I dont know why.

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    Mecca Maniac
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    Aug 2006
    josh barnett was busted for roids? hes a fat sloppy belly bouncing around guy


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    Quote Originally Posted by JS316 View Post
    does anyone actually know why they actually dislike Tim.. I know I dont like him, but I dont know why.
    i didnt have a problem with him till he gayed a defeat out of AA, but after watching him snuff the hype out of Vera i really dont have much of a problem with him


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    A. Silva interview

    Quote Quote
    Gleidson Venga: Were you expecting to dominate the fight that way?
    Anderson Silva: I did what I trained to do. I was well prepared, and thank God my techniques were superior.

    GV: But did you have any trouble compared to your first match?
    AS: Always. Because there are no cans. Every fighter who steps in the Octagon is well trained, especially a high-class guy like Rich Franklin (Pictures).

    GV: He seemed to be very worried when you were trying to clinch him and unleash your knees.
    AS: Those are my strongest tools. This is what I train for everyday, and that was my strategy. That's it.

    GV: In the last seconds of the first round, you seemed to knock him out, but the referee waited until the horn sounded. What do you think about that moment?
    AS: I think if I had one more minute, I would have finished that fight. But things like this happen.

    GV: And now are you enjoying your vacation in Brazil?
    AS: I'm not on vacation. I'm wasting my time training in a gi with the guys from the Black House. Next Nov. 4, I'll return to Curitiba to see my family and then I'll go to the United States to continue my wrestling training at a university in L.A. I'll be there for 20 days and then I'll return to Brazil to train in the Black House gym.

    GV: Has a date or an opponent been announced for your next fight?
    AS: Not yet, but I'm training to face the better ones, and I'm waiting to know who it will be.

    GV: The media are pointing to you as the best pound-for-pound fighter, better even than Fedor Emelianenko (Pictures). How do you feel about this?
    AS: Media is media. You have to know your place in these situations. Because when you lose, you're finished; but when you win, you're the best. So you have to know how to keep things apart, but I'm mindful of this. I know if I won't train, I will lose. I know also if I train, there will be a guy who can beat me. So the deal is to keep training. To me this victory over Rich Franklin (Pictures) is in the past. I'll work to not commit the same errors I committed in my previous fights.

    GV: You are probably the main superstar in Brazil. This is almost unanimous. What are you facing at this moment in your career?
    AS: I'm trying to do my job well. I train to do these things people are seeing. There are no cocky things, no waste of time. I train every single movement I do in my fights. And I have to say thank you to all my fans, people who cheer for me. While I keep fighting, I'll keep training to do better so people will be proud of me.

    GV: And how big is your fame in the United States?
    AS: It's nice, very gratefully. But this is the point: You have to know how to keep things apart. I must be well prepared always.

    GV: You fought in the 93-kilogram [205-pound] weight class in PRIDE a few years ago. Did you consider fighting in this weight class in the UFC?
    AS: When I fought in PRIDE, there was no under 83-kilogram weight class, so I had to fight under 93 kilograms. UFC offered me to fight in this weight class [185 pounds], so I play there. Everybody has their own problems, and my problems are all under 83 kilograms. But if I have to fight against the light heavyweights, I'll do this. My regular weight is 97 kilograms; so to reach 93 will be easy for me.

    GV: One of your biggest friends and supporters is Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (Pictures). With Randy Couture (Pictures) leaving the UFC, there is a big chance he'll have a title shot. What are you expecting?
    AS: I'm expecting him to win that belt. He is working for this. We are looking forward to it, and our goal is for him to get this title. But he has a good mind. He knows it won't be easy; he has to train hard. But we are all helping him because we know he deserves this title.
    Anderson Silva is sooo wicked, the guy even goes to LA to train his weakness (wrestling) I cant find many things about this guy that i dont like


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    Mecca Maniac Kanav's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by JS316 View Post
    does anyone actually know why they actually dislike Tim.. I know I dont like him, but I dont know why.
    cuz his face looks stupid. As does his over all physique

    and for him to talk as much shit as he does with a face that stupid, is well...its just asking to be hated on.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanav View Post
    cuz his face looks stupid.

    Anderson sounds like a cool, down to earth, modest guy.. cool post CC.


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    Anderson Silva is a perfect model of how a champion should be. He and Rich are so similar in that regard that it really lessens the hit of one of my top ten losing twice to him.

    My problems with Tim stem from his conduct as a fighter, both physically and mentally. When Sylvia hit the scene, he was a credible fighter. Ricco had been on a tear for awhile, and when Tim had his number I thought it was extremely cool.

    Then came his post arm break title reign. Sylvia used to be an innovative and hungry fighter, but no longer. After being schooled by Arlovski, he pronounced himself king of the universe after capitalizing on a freak sequence of events to regain the strap. What proceeded was a continously dissapointing series of fights and interviews.

    Randy nailed it perfectly when he said, "Tim doesn't fight to win, he fights to not lose." Those are two completely different things, as he's painfully demonstrated. Arlovski breaks his leg in the second round of their fight....and Timmah 'controls' the center of the octagon by shuffling around and throwing the occassional jab. It was a piss-horrible fight, and Tim made it so.

    In comes Jeff Monson. This is where we see that Sylvia isn't necessarily skilled, but 'hard to deal with'. Having a full foot on someone doesn't make it a sprawl, it makes it a smother. Working a jab to keep the distance coupled with laying all over Jeff on every takedown attempt produced one of the worst contests I've ever seen. When the crowd voices its rightful displeasure, what does Tim do? Flips off the audience with double meat hocks. Sweet 'champion':weaksuace:

    With all of this is the backdrop of Sylvia's stupid rants in interviews. "The fans don't appreciate me enough..." "I have a strategy to win that no one likes..." "Fedor's a little s^&%, I could take him any day of the week..." "There's no one who can compete with me..." It's basically rinse and repeat; he can't stop talking himself up at every opportunity, laughably trying to reassure himself that he's a 'winner'.

    Then comes Randy Couture....and Tim's mouth goes into overdrive. He tries to play the 'I'm honored to fight him, he's a buddy, etc...' which quickly turns into 'Old men don't come out of retirement and take titles. He has nothing on me, and I'll send him back; he can't stand with me, blah blah...' Then after being destroyed for five rounds, one of the first things out of his mouth was, "I took this fight on an injury..." What a douche I don't remember Arlovski ever mentioning the fact that he fought 3&1/2 rounds on a broken leg; a report of an MRI the next day was the only official word on the subject for weeks.

    Tim was a fighter with potential, but he's shown himself to be an overly prideful, 'hard to deal with' in lieu of skillful, self-plugging and self-pitying goon. He disrespects his opponents with both the way he works to eek out decisions and the fashion in which he shoots his mouth off with delusions of self-importance post-fight. Tim could've been great, but I don't feel he'll ever reach the heights he's always wanted to; ironically he's decided that himself through his actions, whether he wants to realize it or not.


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    Great post mate.. ^^

    Whats everyones thought on the middleweight division now? Looks like Chonan is being brought over to rematch Anderson.. I also wonder if we are gonna see Henderson drop back down to fight him.. seems logical to me.

    Lastly i hope we see Paulo Filho in the UFC..this guy against the likes of Dan,Rich and Anderson would be great to see.
    Potentially the most exciting division if the UFC gets it right.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JS316 View Post
    Great post mate..
    Great avatar

    The middleweight division is strangely lacking right now, so seeing some more good fighters brought in will definitely up the retail value there.

    Although Chonan's crazy little flying scissor heel hook/kneebar/I don't know what/ was incredible, I really doubt we'll see a repeat of that; it was so out of nowhere that it just clicked perfectly. That's not to say that he'll be a bad matchup against Silva, as I feel it'll be far from that. I'm interested to see what Ryo will bring to the table when taking Anderson's brutal streak into account.

    Filho would be excellent, so it's a near sure bet that Dana will mess it up somehow. I'm finding myself increasingly 50/50 where White is concerned; one week he's great, the next he's done something that's left me scratching my head. I really don't see what he could do do make Paulo go elsewhere, but a little voice tells me that he could likely find a way...


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    Chonan's fighting at WW and Filho is in the same camp as Silva, ergo no fight


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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainCharisma View Post
    Chonan's fighting at WW and Filho is in the same camp as Silva, ergo no fight
    Oh ok.. no rematch likely then..

    we couold still see Filho vs Henderson/Franklin though...

    even get Mayhem and Lindland into the mixer


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    Seeing as how Chonan's picked up a couple of WW titles, I should've realized that he wasn't going to change his weight class

    Although it's all of 15 pounds, so maybe we'll see. Hendo has hit all three on his trip up to LHW, so anything's possible. Except for Dan cutting down and fighting Anderson, as he's stated on a number of occassions that LHW is where he wants to stay.


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    So.. Kimbo wins another fight.. thoughts?

    Cantrell just flopped once he was hit.. Looked like he gave up after the 1st punch


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    Quote Originally Posted by JS316 View Post
    So.. Kimbo wins another fight.. thoughts?

    Cantrell just flopped once he was hit.. Looked like he gave up after the 1st punch
    Big time flop, that was pathetic. I want to see Kimbo Slice vs Mike Tyson in a bare nuckle boxing match. That I would pay for, and I would put money on Kimbo.

    I am what I am and that's all that I am, I'm Popeye the Sailor Man, Woo, Woo.

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    "I've fought two nig....."
    "I've fought two guys in one day! I'll do it again!"

    That was a total work. Dropping after a single hit like that is an insult to the sport itself. Although this is Showtime, and it is Kimbo, so I guess it's to be expected.


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