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    Mayhem intervews BJ...watch at the 2:50ish mark for a good Sherk burn


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    Mecca V.I.P. Paulie's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    That Starnes vs. Quarry fight was pathetic. How did Kalib Starnes ever get into the UFC???


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    ^^ Starnes is usually has a better showing than that.. he's got good BJJ but didn't seem interested at all in going to the ground...

    That Bj Penn interview was cool... I like when he joked about wanting GSP, cos that is the one fight I really wanna see again. (I thought he won the 1st fight anyway..).. (*waits for CC to retaliate*)

    Real eyes realize real lies

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    honestly man, it can be argued both ways, i can see how some people would score that fight for BJ...that first round was all his, and i think all GSP could do at that point was score TDs to try and win on points, which is what i personally think he did

    irregardless the fight was too close for there not to be a second one


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    Quote Originally Posted by hailkingorville View Post
    chuck liddell out ufc 85 with a hamstring injusry, DAM!
    I missed this post... shit news.. was a shitty headliner anyway.. who's his replacement?


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    ^i think they cancelled the fight all together lol, i hope they come up with a good replacement


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    Mecca V.I.P. Paulie's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    GSP's next challenger is supposedly Jon Fitch.

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    This thread is so slow these days. CC you have to post atleast one interesting current MMA fact/piece of news a day or you get neg repped.


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    Ya, ive been slacking hard on this thread...i'll try to get this motherfucker rolling in full force again

    Rich Franklin was offered to fight Dan Hendorson as a main event for ufc 85, but he said no because his previous training camp had been too grueling...take that as you want. But Joe Silva has stated that this is most likely coming up fight, possibly a next one for both fightes regardless.


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    ^^thats better!

    Pretty interesting that. They must get their asses kicked on those camps.
    Will make for a potentially great fight too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by onebigeric View Post
    Since my dark horse picks always get royally screwed, I'm playing it safe and going with Aoki in the GP.
    Damn you.

    Aoki is literally a leech in a mans body. I've never seen such a dangerous gaurd.
    Aoki took some big punches on the ground and a few heel strikes to the face. He's a warrior.

    Those 2 guys and BJ gotta be top 3 LW's at the mo.


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    Aoki isnt continuing in the tourney, he has some facial injury from the fight with JZ...i think JZ is replacing him but im not completley sure


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    Aoki's quarterfinal has been moved a month down the road as of yesterday. He really did look in good form against JZ, although his post-fight was a little odd.

    Lutter was released backstage after his loss to Franklin; I find this to be a bad and fairly hypocritical call. Lutter dominantly won TUF4 while mostly training alone from the semi on due to his team just hanging it up. He loses to two of the best Middleweights in the history of MMA (cardio aside, making a fairly strong showing in both), yet he's canned due mostly to heat-related dissatisfaction in regards to his fight with Silva.

    Cote, Doerksen, Sinosic, and Kendall Grove all all still being paid to lose (Grove is headlining the next freaking UFN; he's turned into a bad joke while Herman has thrived), yet they're not near the chopping block as of late. The UFC has even given Cote license to compete away from the org while under contract, which is virtually unheard of in the era of iron marketing that dominates the company. Dana has too sporadic a temper and too much say in the overall scheme of things for my tastes.

    Stand or fall, but choose.

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    Welcome back OBE.. u must have been busy lately huh?

    Quote Originally Posted by onebigeric View Post
    although his post-fight was a little odd.
    What did he do?

    Just a comment on Lutter... does he remind anyone of Toby from 'The Office'. (HR guy). I do feel for him losing his contract and all... but he keeps on blowing his big chances. Plus what can the UFC do with him? He cant really move up the Ladder any more.
    I find it weird that Dana releases Cote to fight elsewhere... after the big auguements he's had with others trying to do the same...

    Cheers for the info Eric


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    Some of those should be good fights to be sure, but the biggest fights in mma history that will make or break the sport, I don't think so. The Kimbo fight could make a big splash for CBS early if it is a good fight, but even if it is not I don't think it ruins the promotion or anything. Also, check the money Fedor and Sylvia are getting, that is nuts for a new promotion.

    I am what I am and that's all that I am, I'm Popeye the Sailor Man, Woo, Woo.

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    Great read.

    That money is pretty good indeed. Hope they(Affliction) don't break the bank though.


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    mir and big nog are the next coaches for TUF


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    it looks like AA has left the ufc and is goin to fight Ben Rothwell on the Affliction card in june/july


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