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    Strictly Classic

    Andy Plate is Germany's most successful classic bodybuilder. He started training 18 years ago. Last year he took 3rd place at the IFBB World Championships in the +180 cm height class. At the age of 34 he is still striving for more on stage.
    This nice sportsman has now published a video documenting three months of preparation for the 2007 IFBB European Championships, held in Baku, Azerbaijan, where he won a bronze medal (below: left)
    finale2grossqa2 1
    Everyone who regards Classic Bodybuilding, the division formerly known as Body-Fitness, as a lighter form of bodybuilding, will be disabused by this documentary. The double DVD shows, how Andy trains up to the failure of the nervous system. I know that this is not only acting for the film, he always torments himself in such a manner. He moves weights which are really unbelievable for his weight (185 lbs).
    So I can recommend this video not only for fitness sportsmen. Bodybuilders of the heavier classes will be astonished by this natural athlete. Everyone who watches this video will become a fan of Andy's. It delivers a load of motivation.

    Watch trailer!
    Order DVD!

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    Posing (at the 2007 IFBB World Championships)
    platepz5 1

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    Member bodybuilding reputation Prote's Avatar
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    His side poses look good! He truly looks good for natural, expecially the arms are huge!

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    Never heard of him but liek the look of his physique. I would like to see his training style.

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    You can see his training style in the trailer.
    In 2007 after three months of preparation:
    plate1td8 1

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    At the 2007 European Championships:
    semifinale2grossgb6finale32grossnq0 1

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    His legs are shredded, but they lack mass. I like his physique, especially for a natty.

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    34? wow he looks young

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    I think his legs are pretty sick for being a natty.

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