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    Heart rate question

    Hey y'all just had a quick heart rate question. After a heavy set of presses/pulls/squats it feels as if my heart races pretty quickly and I can feel my heart beating in my chest, it takes a few deep breaths and a minute or so for everything to settle down. I'm 20 years old 235lbs, Normal bf, regular bp, never had any heart issues or anything. I take preworout supps, but nothing ridiculous. this has probably been going on forever because I train very intensely. I have never given it much thought but I'm taking a health class and now it's on my mind and I can't seem to let things go. I know it's probably normal and I'm just over thinking it, but I'd like some input from some people who have the same training intensity and not some mainstream softy training with 10lb. Dumbbells and some light cardio to not "over do it". Thanks in advance and train insane!

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    Re: Heart rate question

    Heart racing or just pumping hard?

    If you are getting over 180bpm then think about seeing a sports doc or get some free fitness testing by visiting the sports med faculty at your university. If it is just a raise from active to exertion levels then that is nothing out of the norm.

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    Re: Heart rate question

    Very normal, don't worry...I would worry more if the intensity was like your saying and your Heart rate DOESN'T go up..don't worry man it's fine. If you're in health class IDK if thats high school or college but I'm sure you'll be doing a resting HR very soon and Heart rate reserve, etc... don't worry about it now but you'll learn it .

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