My new routine, Mike Mentzer style
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    My new routine, Mike Mentzer style

    Workout one

    Incline fly. 6-10 reps
    Pre exhausted with
    Incline close grip smith press. 1-3 reps

    Straight arm pulldowns. 6-10 reps
    Pre exhausted with
    Palms up pulldowns. 6-10 reps

    Bent over dumbbell row. 6-10 reps

    Rest of 3 to 7 days (I work 4 on 4 off days/ nights)

    Workout two

    Leg extension. 12-20 reps
    Pre-exhausted with
    Leg press. 12-20 reps

    Lying ham curl. 12-20 reps
    Standing calf raise. 12-20 reps
    Abs. 12-20 reps

    Rest 3-7 days

    Workout three

    Side laterals 6-10 reps
    Bent over rear laterals. 6-10 reps
    Palms up pulldowns. 6-10 reps

    Pushdowns. 6-10 reps
    Pre-exhausted with
    Dips. 3-5 reps

    Repeat workout two sans ham curl

    Rest 3-7 days repeat cycle.

    Most exercises have a two second positive, two second hold, and four second negative. Some exercises such as laterals have a looser form.

    One set per exercise with rest pause and negatives added to extend set to absolute failure.

    Mentzer advocated a four second positive but I feel two is enough to avoid sloppy form.

    Will be resuming dead lifts eventually after back injury is fully healed.

    Volume and frequency might seem low but I have always wanted to try the Mentzer method in a fundamentalist approach. I have had my best results when I lowered volume, hoping another step down in volume will yield a new stage of growth.

    Currently at 110kgs, 183 cm, 12-15% body fat (guessing)

    Any thoughts? Questions?

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