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Does Alexandra Daddario Work Out? Delving into Her Fitness Routine



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Aug 7, 2023
Alexandra Daddario is a well-known American actress for her appeal and fitness. When she earned the role of Annabeth Chase in the "Percy Jackson" film series, it was one of her defining moments. Her portrayal of the intelligent and courageous demigod captivated youthful audiences worldwide.

Because of her fit and enviable physique, many ask, does Alexandra Daddario work out? The answer is a resounding yes. Daddario is well-known for her commitment to fitness, which is essential in keeping her body in shape for her roles.

Alexandra daddario

Background on Alexandra Daddario​

Alexandra Daddario launched her career in the entertainment industry with guest appearances on "All My Children" and "Law & Order." These early experiences refined her acting abilities and opened the door to more significant opportunities.

She rose to prominence due to her role in the "Percy Jackson" film franchise. It demonstrated her acting skills and hinted at her potential for physically challenging roles. Her talent landed her a role in the 2017 feature "Baywatch." In this action-comedy, she portrayed Summer Quinn, a character renowned for her lifeguarding abilities and beach-ready physique.

Daddario has been vocal about the importance of self-confidence and embracing one's body. In an interview with Women's Health, she said she enjoys working out because it makes her feel strong and confident. She also said caring for her body is essential for her career and overall health.


Alexandra Daddario's Workout Regimen/Routine​

Alexandra Daddario's workout routine includes a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. She works with a personal trainer, Patrick Murphy, who helps her design a routine tailored to her needs and goals.

Patrick and Alexandra adhere to a flexible exercise schedule based on Alexandra's availability. Together, they engage in a wide variety of exercises that involve a variety of movements, equipment, and muscle groups. This strategy represents a vital shift from Alexandra's previous exercise practices.

Her journey into strength training began when she signed on for the iconic role in "Baywatch." Patrick uses innovative methods to sculpt lean muscle, including sliders, resistance bands, and bodyweight exercises. Alexandra's routine incorporates free weight exercises and kettlebell movements for an added challenge.

Among the various workouts, hot yoga reigns supreme as Alexandra's favorite for improving her flexibility. She's been a dedicated practitioner for several years, long before her breakthrough in the entertainment industry. Its consistent presence in Alexandra's daily life sets hot yoga apart. The heated environment aids in keeping Alexandra's muscles supple and relaxed.

Her 20 to 30-minute cardio blast sessions are about pushing her heart rate to the max and engaging in quick-twitch exercises requiring explosive power. Patrick also includes power moves, rower machines, and plyometric moves as core components of Alexandra's cardio blast routine.

Strength training exercises build her muscle strength and mass, improve bone density, and reduce risks of injury. Flexibility exercises improve her range of motion. Cardio exercises demand rapid bursts of energy and engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Fitness Goals & Philosophy​

One of the primary motivations for Alexandra Daddario's rigorous fitness routine is her commitment to her craft. In the entertainment industry, roles often demand physical prowess. To authentically embody her characters, she dedicates herself to rigorous training regimens five times a week.

Beyond her career, Alexandra prioritizes her health and well-being. She said that working out makes her feel strong and confident. Alexandra enjoys the challenge of pushing herself and achieving her fitness goals.

Her fitness philosophy revolves around a holistic approach to health and wellness. She understands that true well-being encompasses physical fitness and mental and emotional health. Her workouts are just one component of her broader wellness strategy. While committed to her fitness routine, she also emphasizes the need for relaxation, leisure, and indulging in simple pleasures.

Alexandra also advocates for sustainable health choices. Rather than subscribing to extreme diets or exercise programs, she promotes making manageable, long-term changes that contribute to overall health and happiness.

Diet and Nutrition Insights​

Alexandra does not follow any specific diet trends. She focuses on eating nutrient-rich foods that make her feel good. She acknowledges that it's okay to indulge occasionally, understanding that these moments of indulgence won't negatively impact her overall health.

Alexandra's daily snacking often includes clean and wholesome options. She enjoys Lara bars, a tablespoon of peanut butter, or half an avocado when she needs a quick energy boost. These choices provide essential nutrients without compromising on taste. While many choose nuts as a healthy on-the-go snack, Alexandra prefers peanut butter. This choice satisfies her cravings and offers a rich protein and healthy fats source.

During long and demanding shoots, Alexandra faces temptation in the form of craft services tables laden with a variety of treats. Pop-Tarts, in particular, are her kryptonite. Despite the allure, she acknowledges the need to stay disciplined. Her go-to meals include egg-in-a-hole for breakfast and quinoa bowls with chicken breast, avocado, and Sriracha for dinner. She also enjoys salmon with broccoli and quinoa.

Nutrient-dense foods provide the energy and strength she needs to excel in her fitness endeavors. Her food gives her the necessary nutrients to fuel her workouts and recover afterward, while her exercise routine helps her burn calories and build muscle.

Chicken avocado quinoa

Gym or Workout Environment​

Alexandra Daddario prefers to work out in a traditional gym. She has said that she enjoys the atmosphere and the variety of equipment that gyms offer. However, Alexandra likes working out outdoors when traveling. She enjoys running, swimming, and hiking.

The Baywatch star also does some routines in specific studios, especially in her high-intensity interval training and yoga sessions.

While Alexandra may not have a specific brand, she appreciates those that align with her sustainability, comfort, and performance values. Instagram posts show her wearing leggings, shirts, and sneakers from New Balance, Under Armour, and Alo Yoga. She also uses weights, resistance bands, and other fitness equipment.

Testimonials and Endorsements​

According to her trainer, Patrick Murphy, Alexandra is one of the most dedicated and hardest-working clients he has ever had. She's always willing to push herself to the limit and never gives up on her goals. Her co-star in Baywatch, Dwayne Johnson, praised her strong, athletic body and always up for a challenge.
Daddario has not endorsed any specific fitness equipment or gyms. However, she endorsed Vitamix during the Beauty Detox Foods book launch.

Importance of Injury Prevention and Well-being​

Before engaging in intense workouts, Alexandra ensures that she correctly warms up her muscles and joints. Not only do warm-ups prevent injuries, but they also prime the body for physical activity.

Her typical warm-up includes cardiovascular exercises, dynamic stretches, and mobility exercises. Similar to the importance of warming up, Alexandra's cool-down routine helps her body transition from intense exercise to relaxation.

She stretches all of the major muscle groups in her body, including her hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, calves, back, chest, shoulders, and arms.

Alexandra has also emphasized the significance of mental health and body positivity. She believes having a positive outlook on your body and prioritizing your health and well-being over your appearance is essential.


Alexandra Daddario's career demonstrates her talent and perseverance. Her dedication to physical fitness and general health has contributed to her enduring success. Maintaining a healthy and robust body is essential for her career and general well-being. Her dedication to staying in shape extends beyond mere aesthetics.

Alexandra's fitness philosophy exemplifies how a commitment to health and wellness can improve one's quality of life by emphasizing balance and sustainability.

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