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    You know you bombed...

    ...if your 7 day total is less than John Carter

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    Re: You know you bombed...

    call me easily entertained but i thought "john carter" was a good movie. not the best i'v seen but still worth watching. i have yet to see "after earth". it's gotten some pretty chity reviews so i'm gonna watch it on DVD.

    "the reason why i do all that, put my body through all that is 'cause i love it!"- The GOAT

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    "there is no substitute for victory."- Douglas MacArthur

    "When you're out there partying, horsing around...someone out there at the same time is working hard. Someone is getting smarter, and someone is winning."- Arnold

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    Re: You know you bombed...

    Well I have never heard of this "John Carter" movie, but I have a feeling it is not that great. On the whole I would say that too much is given to first week sales in terms of rating movies, but certainly there is some correlation there, and if nobody is willing to see it, then it is probably for a good reason. I guess you never know though, and they only real way is to watch it for yourself. I probably will not do this though, but who knows.



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