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Thread: 10 day detox

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    10 day detox

    Have any of you ever read the work of doctor Mark Hyman. I have read his book the ultra mind solution and I have been able to learn lots of things from it. Right now I am reading his book the 10 detox and I am thinking about just cleansing my body for a bit.

    In most of his books he talks about the harmful effects that sugar has in your diet and why we should try to lower that amount of sugar that we have in our diets.

    Have you any of you read any of his work and have any of you drank a green shake?

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    Re: 10 day detox

    It's true sugar can cause a lot of problems, aside from insulin spike, some forms of sugar can also cause an inflammatory response in your body which is not very good especially if you are already experiencing a lot of inflammation in the first place due to intense and long hours of work outs. I drink green juice regularly and right now I'm experimenting with a pure lemon juice detox for 30 days. You have to drink the lemon or alternatively use 27 pieces of calamansi without water and it's suppose to detox the liver. I'll let you know the results. I think I've heard of Hyman before in one of the podcasts I listen to, I'm not sure if it is the same person.


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    Re: 10 day detox

    There are many ways to detox your body. You can detox your body through yoga and pranayama. These are the best things through which you can completely detox your body. I would recommend you to try these.




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