I have heard one fight moderator say that some knockout artists donít train for the full route of the fight. In mixed martial arts, the championship fight is composed of 5 rounds and usually heavy hitters train for only 3 rounds. Thatís why when the fight enter the so called championship rounds (round 4 and round 5), the heavy hitter would obviously be fatigued already since his training was good for 3 rounds only in anticipation of an early knockout. In the second fight of Conor McGregor and Nick Diaz, the anticipated knockout did not come. In the 4th round, Diazís face was a mess but he was still standing and fighting decently. McGregorís strength had faded so the fight went the full 5 rounds and McGregor could only muster a split decision win. But if he had trained properly and did not lose steam then Diaz would have suffered a knockout.

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