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We are happy to announce this new IFBB bodybuilding show in Singapore!
2017 Show of Strength
Marna Bay Sands Convention Center
9am to 5pm, October 7, 2017


The Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF) will organize, next October 7th; the 2017 Show of Strength, at the prestigious “Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre”: an amazing Bodybuilding and Fitness event, open to athletes from Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau, Korea and Nepal, under the approval of their respective National Federations.

Leaded by its president, Mr. Alex Michael Betts; the SFBF is working in an effective manner to promote Bodybuilding and Fitness in the country and the 2017 Show of Strength is a key step, in their goals. As president Betts said, “ this year is just the beginning of our mission in Singapore. We have the local athletes’ needs, as our first priority, as well as helping to boost the image of the sport. We encourage people from all backgrounds and of all ages, to see the benefits of regular exercise and eating a healthy diet.”

The 2017 IFBB Show of Strength will include the next categories:

▪ Bodybuilding (3 weight categories + 1 Junior Open + 1 Master Open)
▪ Classic Bodybuilding (2 height categories)
▪ Men´s Physique (2 height categories + 1 Master Open)
▪ Bikini Fitness (2 height categories + 1 Junior Open + 1 Master Open)
▪ Women´s Physique (Open)
▪ Bodyfitness (2 height categories + 1 Master Open)

The event will host, as an added activity, a Posing Routine workshop, conducted by Mrs. Juliette Bergman -former Miss Olympia and IFBB Women´s Committee Secretary.

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