By Joe Pietaro

A lot can change in one week. For instance, take a look at the differences between the scorecards from the Mr. Olympia to the Arnold Classic Europe. Neither Phil Heath nor Kai Greene made the trip to Madrid but much of the line-up from Las Vegas did.

Dennis Wolf may have disappointed with a fourth place finish at the O but put it all together in Spain, besting Shawn Rhoden, something that he failed to do a week prior. Dexter Jackson placed third after taking fifth at the Olympia and Victor Martinez fourth (up from eighth).

Roelly Winklaar, who could not do better than 12th at the Orleans Arena, looked much better and placed fifth. Rounding out the top six was William Bonac, who barely placed at 15th in Vegas.

So the critics that were writing Wolf off and anointing Rhoden as the third best bodybuilder in the world will have an argument from the other side now. Heading into the Olympia, Wolf was being spoken about as a potential runner-up to the then-three-time champion Heath and Rhoden’s name was not heard much. But Flexatron arrived in amazing condition as usual, while Wolf’s timing was a bit off.

Then on October 4 at the EVLS Prague Pro, Wolf was able to hold his conditioning and take home another winner’s check. Rhoden fell to third while Jackson was the runner-up.

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